From dirt bikes, to fab candies to fresh produce

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Y’all! The Citizen’s new ding dang band is playin!  . . . Thank you, thank you, thank you very much! Biz Buzz here and we’ll be playin’ all week! So let’s hear it for the band: Patrick on Cow bell, Monaray’s on trumpet! Give it up! Jesse’s got it goin’ on Bongo drums! Debbie’s on xylophone! Betsey’s on drums and Tracey’s playin’ woodblock! Let’s take you back to the 1970s, when you were sneakin’ out to head to parties you weren’t supposed to be headed to! It’s an oldie but a goodie from War: “All my friends know the low rider . . . The low rider is a little higher . . . Low rider drives a little slower . . . Low rider is a real goer . . . Take a little trip, take a little trip, take a little trip and see . . . Take a little trip, take a little trip with me . . .!

That’s right y’all! Take a little trip with the Biz Buzz ‘cause we’re headin’ out to Durhamtown Off Road Resort in Union Point! I’m talkin’ revin’ up the dirt bike on 14 tracks, 150 miles of one-way trails, two jeep/4X4 Parks and 6,000 acres of pure off-road adventure! If your family needs an outin’ that’ll kick it up a notch honey Durhamtown is the place for you! They even have cabins and RV and tent sites! Y’all check out their full page ad in the summer issue of Lake Oconee Living magazine! Or check ‘em out online at! You can call them at 706-622-4108! Plus their ad in Lake Oconee Living includes a special offer of 30% off bike, ATV or SXS rentals with a limit of one per customer! Wow! Tell em the Biz Buzz sent you!

Gosh almighty it’s hotter than a two dollar pistol! The only thing we can do in this heat is head directly over to Scoops in downtown Madison located at 123 West Washington Street! Honey this is a candy lovers paradise! I’m talkin’ Scoops has every kind of fabulous candy there is on planet earth from classic selections to homemade treats like fudge! Plus they have tons of ice cream flavors! Biz Buzz and Madison’s Main Street Director Ann Huff popped in there the other day to cool off with some fabulicious raspberry sorbet and it flat hit the spot! We found out that the popular flavors for kids are Superman and Cookie Monster! For adults, it’s Sea turtle and Butter Pecan! But, my fave is Chocolate! So anyhow Scoops has also flat expanded it’s seating area when they got the space next door! Now you can grab your ice cream and candy treats and have a seat right there to enjoy it! Or you can host your birthday bash there! The best part is that owner Barry Weiner can bring Scoops straight to your door in his fabulous ice cream truck! You’ll often see him in the Scoops truck at special events and even at weddings! Now that is beyond cool! Check it out y’all!

It wouldn’t be a Saturday in Morgan County without the Farmer’s Market at Farmview Market! I flat go Every. Single. Saturday! So anyhow  in addition to the delish vegetables, eggs, coffee and flowers, I’ve found two homegrown venders sellin’ some beautiful homemade treats like those from Madison’s Blind Drive Farm! You’ll find bread baskets made from clothing line, linen napkins and my fave beautiful blue linen cross back apron! Honey Kjesti Easton is a true artist on a sewing machine! Y’all have got to head over and see what all she is sellin’! You can also check out her beautiful products by visiting her Blind Drive Farm on Facebook or at her website!

Another great find at the Farmer’s Market at Farmview is Little Rabbit’s Arts and Crafts of Buckhead operated by Livy Scholly and Mattie Saffold! I just love the cute handmade dog bandanas and had to pick up one for Petey and one for Scout! They are beyond precious! Plus they sell paper goods, fabric bins, cool buntings and zipper pouches! Check it out y’all! You can see Little Rabbit’s Arts and Crafts products at or on their Facebook page!

Hey and mark your calendar’s for the Firefly Festival July 29 and July 30! Right so on Friday July 29 bring your 12-and-under kids for a fun filled evening in Town Park with all kinds of fun activities and live entertainment! It’s only $5 per kid at the gate!  On Saturday, July 30 it’s date night so bring a cooler with your favorite beverage (Momma will bring her medicinal White Lightenin’), a big ole blanket and find your spot on the lawn at Town Park! Adults pay $10 per person at the gate to enjoy dancin’ with Sweetwater Junction! Plus you can reserve a Gazebo table by calling 706-342-1251 x208! Hey and we smack have to give a shout out to this year’s Firefly Festival sponsor Main Street Vet! Perrrfect!

Ding dang! We’re outta space. Outta time! I’ll see all y’all next week! Until then be sweet, stay cool, have an adventure and hug your Momma!

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