Owen selected Freshman-of-the-Year

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By R. Alan Richardson

sports editor

Eamon’s golf career started late.  Owen was an avid baseball player and didn’t really get serious about the game until his sophomore year in high school.  He told us, “I decided that I was too small to play baseball and really started getting serious about that time.  My dad and I had played a lot of golf together growing up starting around 10 at Hard Labor Creek.  After I quit baseball I spent every minute I could out there trying to perfect my overall game and trying to make my swing better.”  He also said that PGA golf professional Karl Gross and the entire staff were so kind by letting him stay late to practice and go out on the course.

Even though his career started late, Owen had the natural talent to catch on quickly and boy did he do that.  His first year in high school he made the state shooting in the low 80’s and high 70’s.  “That was the turning point in my career.  After that I spent every spare minute playing golf.  By my junior year I was shooting in the low 70’s and par.  I then improved more in my senior year with the team making state and I finished tied for fourth individually.”

After high school, since he got involved in golf later in high school, Eamon was not on the radar for most colleges.  They didn’t

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