Buckhead Town Council adopts rise in property tax rate

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By Reann Huber

staff writer

The Buckhead Town Council Monday adopted its FY 2017 millage rate from 2.413 mills to 2.599 mills, effectively raising property taxes 8.65 percent.

The increase is expected to generate $11,128. Last year the town budgeted to collect $8,812 in property taxes.

“[The taxes] will increase $7.44 on $100,000 worth of homestead and for $300,000 worth, it will increase $22.32,” said Town Clerk Cheryl Saffold.

Council members also reviewed a release agreement to allow Buckhead resident Starr Sheppard to work on the Old Town Hall with volunteers who want to see it restored to its former historic appearance.

They agreed to allow Sheppard to work on the Town Hall with her volunteers and the funds they have put together, but to proceed with utilizing the building after it has been restored, whoever wants to rent or put use to the building will have to come before the council to get the use approved. Neglected property in the Buckhead area was also addressed and Mayor Ricky Walker asked Planning and Development Director Chuck Jarrell to check the ordinances for Buckhead to see if it is possible for the town to address the properties.

“I would have to check the ordinances but there should be something for unfit or unsafe buildings in your ordinance and if that is in it, then we can serve them with a cleanup or repair notice and give them a time frame to get [the building] back into a safe condition,” Jarrell told Walker.  Other plans for the council include potentially replacing the speed bumps on Main Street, but they would like to get better input on what would be the best replacements and they would have to come up for the funds for them as well.

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