Here to help you. Not Hinder you

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By Jamison Hooks

Staff Writer

Concerned citizens of all ages attended a community forum discussing law enforcement, community safety, and self-awareness.

The Morgan County African American Museum (MCAAM) worked with local law enforcement in order to bring Chief Deputy Moses Little of the Rockdale County Sheriffs Office as a special guest speaker.

Little is originally from Morgan County and has worked with local law enforcement officers in the past such as Madison Chief of Police Bill Ashburn.

“I am originally from here, this is my home. It is a privilege to come talk in the county I was born and raised in,” explained Little.

Little expressed his concern for the way law enforcement is portrayed in the media and informed the crowd that one major thing sets the tone for a traffic stop. Attitude.

“Attitude is number one! You can eliminate a lot of trouble by complying and listening the first time.  If an officer stops you, there is a reason,” explained Little.

With many children and young teenagers in the audience, Little took the opportunity to address them personally.

“To our young people, respect law enforcement, we are here to help you not hinder you,” said Little.

The Rockdale Chief Deputy also took a moment to talk to the parents in attendance.

He emphasized the importance of speaking about law enforcement in a positive light around young and impressionable children.

“We must come together and re-teach our children. Re- train them on respect. As officers, we get what you teach them. They learn it from you,” said Little.

According to Little, law enforcement officers are working diligently every day to become better at what they do.

“We are looking to the future. In law enforcement we train every day to get better.”

Another topic of importance for Little was neighborhood unity. The Chief Deputy encouraged those in attendance to get to know their neighbors and be there for one another.

Little also encouraged parents to monitor social media pages of their children to make sure they aren’t posting vacation plans which could make your unoccupied home a target for crime.

“If you see something suspicious, report it,” advised Little.

Little praised the MCAAM and all those who came together to make the forum possible.

“I always encourage this kind of town hall meeting. If you see a problem, fix it ASAP,” said Little.

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