MC Cross Country Dogs run with the dogs

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By R. Alan Richardson

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There’s a new sheriff in town for the Morgan County Cross Country teams at Morgan County High School.  First year head coach, Erin Spinks, is a bundle of energy when it comes to publicizing her program and getting the kids and community excited about the importance of running.  Go to the team’s Facebook page to check out the latest news and photos.  It’s found at Morgan County Cross Country.  You can become a member of the group to get the latest updates.  Coach Spinks follows Dusty Hawkins as the Bulldog Coach and has big shoes to fill.  He was vital in getting the new running course built at Bill Wood Park and building the program into a state level competitor.

Spinks said, “The Cross Country team served their second community service project this week on Monday, July 11th at the Hard Labor Creek running trails.  They used their first summer workout as a chance to serve with the Humane Society’s dogs by taking the dogs on a three mile run through the park’s trails.

Sarah Robertson, Morgan County Middle School cross-country coach, and Brandi Skinner from the Humane Society of Morgan County have been working together in the Paws for Reading program (students reading to dogs). They came up with the idea to help socialize and exercise the dogs while providing a great workout for the cross-country team.”

Cross Country started summer workout training this week with the season slated to begin August first.  Contact coach Erin Spinks for high school and Sarah Robertson for middle school.  Also, you can contact the Morgan County Recreation Department for elementary and homeschool information if interested.

The Head Coach had some thanks for a number of people instrument in helping with their program.  She commented, “We are super excited to let the community know that we have expanded our trail.  The trail is located at Bill Wood Park.  Take your family out and enjoy the workout!

I’d like to give a huge thank you to MCRD, Rick Boulis, Dusty Hawkins, and many other volunteers for helping with the trail.”

She then praised one individual in particular on their Facebook page, “A HUGE shout out to Mr. Rick Boulis!!! He has worked so hard to help with our cross-country trail! He graded, moved gravel, shoveled gravel, filled holes, smoothed out rough places, used the blower to move pine straw off the runner’s trail, and worked all day in the hot sun with a huge smile on his face! People like this are hard to find! I’m so very thankful for his dedication to our team and love for the sport of cross-country! If you see him around, please let him know how much you appreciate his hard work!!”

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