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By Jamison Hooks

staff writer

Madison’s Calvary Baptist Church held a special service in order to show their appreciation for law enforcement.

Rev. Dr. Hoke L. Smith, Jr. and his church welcomed law enforcement to the service with open arms. 

“If I keep God’s law, I will keep man’s law,” preached the Rev. Smith as he urged law enforcement personnel including Morgan County Sheriff Robert Markley and Madison Chief of Police Bill Ashburn to join him at the front of the church.

“We need to let these men know we love them and appreciate their service,” said Smith.

During the service, Smith announced to his congregation that three officers had just been fatally shot in Baton Rouge Louisiana.

“I go through a lot trying to stand up for good just like these officers go through a lot trying to stand up for the law.”

“These are critical times we’re living in and these men are our protectors,” said Smith.

Markley, Ashburn and other brave law enforcement officers were then encircled by youth in a show of support.

“When the public comes together to thank you for doing your job there is no better feeling,” said Sheriff Markley.

Those in attendance were urged to pray for Law Enforcement Officers in Baton Rouge and all around the country. “In these tough times it’s wonderful to have so much support from the community,” said Chief Ashburn.

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