Cemetery bridge put on hold by GSC

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By Reann Huber

staff writer

Madison’s Greenspace Commission (GSC) members gave updates on their committees along with future projects in the works, including the “Cemetery Trail” bridge that might be put off a little longer.

After being in contact with Madison’s Cemetery Stewardship Commission about the aluminum and wood bridge that would be placed between New and Fairview cemeteries, the cemetery commission said they were fine with design of the bridge but were opposed to the wood cladding that GSC decided on in their last meeting.

“One [cemetery] commissioner did express a concern about a bridge all together and suggested a culvert crossing,” staff member Mollie Bogle stated to GSC. “We need the cemetery commission to make a decision so we can send an amendment to the trail grant and move forward with this.”

Some GSC members expressed their concern for how much the dirt used to fill the culvert would cost, even though they might spend equally as much with the current quote on their bridge being at $37,000.

“If you would like for us to pause for a couple of weeks to give the engineer to give us and idea of what the design and cost would be [of a culvert], two weeks is not going to burn us,” said Planning Director Monica Callahan. “We need some direction so we can move forward.”

The commission will either have a called meeting or discuss amongst themselves before their next regular meeting once they receive information from their engineer on the potential of a culvert and make an amendment to their grant if need be.

GSC members are also continuing to put together a committee for the Madison Land Trust to serve as the “watchdog” for the city. They hope to have a minimum of five members or a maximum of nine.

Some recommendations for the positions were sent it to Bogle, but Callahan encouraged commission members to keep moving forward with all of their plans.

The outreach committee is also in the works of putting together this year’s Fall Fete along with their nominations for the everGREEN awards.

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