MaCayla Cook Performs in Rutledge

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By Vivian Hodges

staff writer

On Friday July 22, MaCayla Cook took stage doing what she does best. Cook performed at the local Rutledge concert with her friends Caleb Williams on the guitar, Logan Nation on the cajon, and Daniel Prior on the bass. Cook says that Rutledge is one of her favorite places to perform and she enjoys the audience with their nice and supportive attitude. “You can tell when they are enjoying it, I’ve done it a couple of times so it is like a family community,” explained Cook.

Cook has many performances under her belt, and has previously performed in Rutledge including last year’s concert series and the Rutledge County Fair. Once summer comes to a close, Cook plans to go to Mercer University where she will pursue a degree in music education.

“We are so blessed to have MaCayla in Morgan County. She is one of the most talented, sweet, young ladies I have ever met,” said Terry Reeves of the Rutledge Merchants Association.

Cook plans to come back to Madison during her breaks and would love to keep being invited to perform in her hometown.

“Thank you to the community and to Terry Reeves for letting me perform in all of these events!”

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