Morgan Fire Department to have ‘District’ chiefs

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By Reann Huber

staff writer

Morgan County Fire Department is working to add more training opportunities for the county firefighters along with the potential of a new position that would be in charge of “districts” within the county.

County Fire Chief Jeff Stone presented the idea of splitting the county’s fire departments into districts based on location, and having one fire chief from those stations be designated District Chief.

“We’re hoping to tweak our structure of the department a little better with the idea of having district chiefs to help coordinate and facilitate training,” said Stone.

The plan would be to split the county into four districts, each having around three stations within the district, based on stations that already do most of their training together.

“The purpose is a structured position within the department to be filled by a current station chief,” Stone explained to the other chiefs. “District chiefs will provide a level of structure in the department of health and system communications, dissemination and coordination of the department training, events, policies, and procedures.”

Stone stressed that this position was not meant to be taken as the chiefs not fulfilling their job duties, but rather to work together to get more of their goals and other jobs done across the county. The position would provide a “go-to” person for all of their monthly and quarterly training.

As for other training alongside their regular training days, Stone is offering several opportunities for firefighters in the county and in surrounding areas to learn more than what they usually receive in the county.

In the usual Metro Atlanta Fire Fighters Conference Morgan County is usually limited as to how many of their firefighters can attend training classes due to counties surrounding Atlanta dominating attendance, but this year they have the opportunity to register before others at the Metro Atlanta Fire Fighters Conference – East.

Morgan County firefighters will have the opportunity to sign up for various four hour block classes within this conference before departments in the Metro Atlanta area will be able to register to gain more skills than what they usually get out of their in-county training.

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