School system starting ‘KA$H’ value program

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By Jamison Hooks

staff writer

Morgan County schools are rolling out a new system wide program called “KA$H”. The purpose of this program is to add value to every student’s educational experience.

KA$H, which stands for knowledge, attitude, skills, and habits will be implemented in all grade levels and will focus on 21st century skills such as branding, interview skills, and conflict resolution.

“We wanted to use KA$H to help increase the knowledge, attitude, skills, and habits of high school students. But after planning we realized it’s not just high school students who need this, it’s K12. Every student in Morgan County will benefit from this,” explained Work Based Learning Coordinator Jennifer Butler.

Career Pathways Coordinator Heather Fuller and Morgan County Elementary School (MCES) Counselor Stacy Dearing are also working to bring this initiative to life.

Each week a new KA$H term will be incorporated into curriculum and will be applied with repetition and relevance to the subject being studied.

At the end of each nine-week period, there will be a system-wide culminating activity such as a career expo or professional dress day.

These culminating activities will be held in order to demonstrate the knowledge, attitude, skills, and habits the students have learned.

The mission of KA$H is to prepare students to be career minded and career ready as well as college minded and college ready.

Dearing explained that the already existing mentoring program will greatly benefit from the KA$H initiative.

“Sometimes our mentors struggle with what to talk to their students about. It’s a great tool to help our mentors mentor,” said Dearing.

In the long term, Morgan County plans for KA$H to change the culture of the students, teachers, and community.

James Woodard Superintendent of Morgan County Schools is excited to put the new system in action but wants students and parents to know this program will not directly influence grades.

“We do not intend for any student to have any negative curriculum consequences as a result of lack of participation,” informed Woodard.

Teachers, administrators and staff are excited to get KA$H flowing for it’s first year in Morgan County.

“It’s a system wide initiative and it’s not going to be perfect the first year. It’s going to build some momentum. It will make a difference in the students confidence from kindergarten all the way through their senior year,” said Woodard.

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