South Carolina men charged in Craigslist scam

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By Patrick Yost


Two South Carolina men were arrested and charged with theft by receiving stolen property and theft by bringing stolen property into the state after they allegedly attempted to sell a stolen customized golf cart.

Kenayas Lavert Kelly, 29, McCormick, S.C. and Byron Cordez Heath, 26, McCormick both remain incarcerated in the Morgan County Detention Center after their Sunday, July 24 arrest. The pair were arrested in the parking lot of the Buckhead Chevron, Seven Islands Road after they alleged attempted to sell the golf cart to Morgan County Sheriff’s Office Investigator Chase Young.

According to reports, Deputy Adam Howard was approached by two men while he was investigating an abandoned vehicle on Interstate 20. The men, Howard said, told him that their customized golf cart had been stolen in Anderson S.C. and that they had, that day, noticed that the same cart was listed for sale on Craigslist. The men said via text message they had contacted the seller and agreed to meet at the Buckhead Chevron to complete the transaction. The men said the cart was unique, in part because they had reversed the forward and reverse sticker, in affect when the gear pointed to reverse the cart would go forward.

Investigator Young met the men at the Chevron and agreed to act as the interested buyer. When he observed the cart at approximately 4:30 p.m. he noticed the unique gear shift sticker, unique paint job and serial number supplied by the men.

Kelly and Heath were then arrested and the vehicle and trailer they used to transport the cart to Buckhead was impounded.

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