Commissioners host blood drive

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By Jamison Hooks

staff writer

The Morgan County Board of Commissioners (BOC) hosted their first blood drive at the Morgan County Board of Elections Office.

The drive was open for county employees and the community with the overall goal of saving lives.

“This is the first blood drive we have hosted. We wanted to do this due to the blood shortage in our area,” said BOC Administrative Assistant Ashleigh McCormack.

The BOC hosted blood drive scheduled 30 appointments and welcomed walk-in donations as well.

“We have a need for donations of all blood types,” advised American Red Cross Supervisor Latrena Robbins. 

“We try to have blood drives as often as possible but we have to have a sponsor,” continued Robbins.

If you missed the BOC blood drive be sure to donate next time or even host your own blood drive by visiting

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