Corridor Design Commission reviews MMH plans

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By Jamison Hooks


The Madison Corridor Design Commission (CDC) received an Application for a Certificate of Appropriateness (COA) for the construction of the new Morgan Memorial Hospital (MMH).

The new hospital is to be located off Lions Club Road and US 441 Madison Bypass.

“The building fronts the bypass and will have a more classically designed front. Behind will be a little less ornamented,” commented City Planner Ken Kocher.

Ralph Castillo, CEO of the MMH walked the CDC through the preliminary site plans of the 68,552 square foot building.

When reviewing the application, members of the CDC zeroed in on building materials and site positioning.

CDC members were concerned with the plans use of EIFS on the rear of the building. EIFS, stands for exterior insulation and finishing systems, also known as synthetic stucco.

This concern stems from the materials inability to stand up to wear and tear over time.

Another concern for CDC members was a metal storage building that is placed in the rear of the hospital.

CDC members commented that the structure would not have a cohesive look when compared to the rest of the brick and stone hospital.

Board members also voiced a concern with the positioning of the building, as it is canted towards the road.

Members of the commission advised Castillo that the building with its impressive columns and pediment would look best if it were squared to the road.

The proposed plans give the hospital a 180-foot setback, which exceeds the minimum required set back of 120 feet.

Castillo also presented the CDC with potential options for exterior brick and stone materials.

CDC members were pleased with the options and Castillo informed them that he would eventually pick which is the best choice. Site plans for the exterior of the hospital showed plans for a therapy garden, putting green, and a 40 x 40 helipad.

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