Property tax notices coming out soon, Morgan County Board of Assessors says

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By Reann Huber

staff writer

Morgan County Board of Assessors met recently to approve the next round of tax notices to be sent out along with reviewing some appeals on appraisals for property values and other applications.

Residents can expect more property tax notices as some properties were revaluated to account for various causes after reassessments, including minor square-footage changes along with depreciation. So far there have been 150 appeals on property taxes for the notices that have been sent out previously to residents.

Board members also denied the appraisal for two different properties, one where the property owner asked the board to deny and the other was with AT&T as it was not a good representation of the property.

“[AT&T’s appraisal] was not a true reflection of fair market value as reported by AT&T during the return period,” said Personal Property Appraiser Debbie Moreno.

A veteran in Morgan County sent in an application to the board for a Disabled Veterans Homestead Exemption, but they will have to wait until the applicant applies again next year due to missing the deadline, which was set for April 1.

“[The dates] are a key factor,” said Chairman Ron Zay. “I have to file in a certain period if I want a homestead and if I file after the fact, I’m going to say ‘see you next year during the filing period.’”

The board later reviewed some conservation easements as well as setting their next meeting to be scheduled a little later on August 23 to allow for the public to receive their tax notices and have a chance to appeal or present themselves before the board.

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