Men charged in State Patrol drug heist plead guilty

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By Patrick Yost


Two men arrested and charged with breaking into Madison’s Georgia State Patrol Post 8 and burglarizing narcotics and cash from the patrol’s evidence locker pled guilty to those charges Monday.

According to court documents. Superior Court Judge Brenda Trammell sentenced  Bobby Jerome Gaines, 51, Moultrie, to 20 years after Gaines pled guilty to one count burglary, one count possession of cocaine with the intent to distribute and one count possession of marijuana with the intent to distribute. Gaines has been incarcerated at the Morgan County Detention Center since his arrest.

Darvinsky Anderson, 25, Moultie,  was sentenced by Judge Trammell to 30 years on one count of burglary and one count criminal attempt to commit a felony. Trammell stipulated that Anderson serve 14 years and the remainder of the sentence could be completed on probation. Anderson was charged with criminal attempt to commit a felony, an indictment reads, after he authored a letter to an associate in Colquitt County urging the associate to fire bomb the office of an attorney who had previously represented Anderson on other criminal charges.

The court nolle prosequi a charge of possession of cocaine with the intent to distribute and a charge of possession of marijuana with the intent to distribute against Anderson.

A Morgan County Grand Jury indicted both men during its September, 2014 term. Indictmens against Gaines and Anderson allege that the men entered the Georgia State Patrol on May 28, 2012 and gained access to an evidence locker in the basement and removed cocaine, marijuana, methamphetamine and prescription narcotics that had been seized during arrests.

The breach of the evidence locker came after inmate crews worked on the roof of the state patrol facility and determined that the locker could be compromised. Both Gaines and Darvinsky were inmates at the time of the robbery, reports state.

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