Kids lead cops on wild chase

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By Patrick Yost


Four teenage boys led area law enforcement on a wild three county car chase that ended in Taliaferro County when the stolen car they were in “fell apart,” said one investigator.

According to city of Madison Police Department reports, the chase was initiated on Monday, August 8 at the Golden Pantry, North Main Street in Madison. Reports state that at approximately 6:40 a.m. a customer reported that when he went inside the store, someone outside blew their horn and yelled at him that someone was trying to break into his Jeep.

The man said when he left the store he observed “a kid running from his car and got into a white Charger.”

The vehicle, reports state, left the store parking lot “at a high rate of speed” and a lookout for the vehicle was posted.

Morgan County Lt. Derrick Roland reported that he observed the vehicle near McDonalds on Eatonton Road and he attempted to stop the Charger but the Charger refused to stop and entered Interstate 20 in the east bound lane.

Roland said he engaged in pursuit with the Charger and that speeds, at time, reached more than 140 mph. He said the vehicle was driving dangerously and had split a transfer truck and a passenger vehicle by passing them while straddling the center line.

The Charger exited I–20 at the Greensboro exit, turned left and then re–entered I–20 by driving the wrongly down the westbound exit. It then drove through the median and continued east bound into Taliaferro County, Roland said.

Roland said Greene County authorities attempted to stop the vehicle using “stop sticks” at the Greene County exit but failed. He said the vehicle was eventually stopped near the 149 exit in Taliaferro County after the car “fell apart.”

The four occupants, children ranging from 12 to 15–years–old fled the vehicle but were eventually apprehended, Roland said. He said Taliaferro County authorities believe a 13–year–old was driving the vehicle.

The vehicle had been reported stolen out of the Atlanta area earlier that morning, Madison Police reports indicate.

Several calls for comment from Taliaferro County authorities were not returned.

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