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Madison Police Department

On August 20 a simple assault complaint was filed at a Poplar Street residence. According to reports, a man contacted police and said that two other men had sent him threatening text messages warning him to not be at the residence when they arrived. The man said the men also contacted him via telephone and relayed threats.

On August 19 a forgery complaint was filed at Rite Aid pharmacy, Eatonton Road. According to reports, an employee at the store said a black male entered the store and attempted to load $400 on a pre-paid visa card with four counterfeit $100 bills. The employee said when she informed the man that the bills were counterfeit the man left the store. All four bills had the same serial number, reports state.

On August 18 a code violation complaint was filed at a storage facility on Hanover Street. According to reports, a code officer responded to a complaint of persons living in a storage unit. When the officer arrived he noticed an orange extension cord plugged into a power pole and stretching into a partially opened storage unit. The officer announced his presence and opened the unit and observed two females in the unit with a fan and a lamp. The women said their work hours had been cut and they no longer could afford to live at the Budget Inn so they had rented a storage unit and were living there. The officer told the women that the storage unit was not zoned for habitation and they would have to leave. One of the women had an active arrest warrant against her out of Doraville and she was arrested. The second woman contacted her father to make living arrangements. In a second report, the same officer reported that he also found a male living in another storage unit. The man told the officer that he was homeless and that he rented the unit in order to have a place to live. When the man was told he was going to have to leave reports state that he “became very emotional and stated he had no where else to live.” The officer arranged for the man to live at the Budget Inn for a few days until other arrangements could be made.

On August 15 a theft by shoplifting complaint was filed at BB&G, South Main Street. According to reports, an employee at the store reported that a white female wearing a yellow tank top and grey yoga pants took several clothing items into a dressing room two to three times and each time she came out of the dressing room she did not have the items. The employee suspects the woman, who had long brown hair, placed the items in her purse. The employee said she found several empty hangers inside a black dress. The items are valued at $458.

On August 17 an information report was filed at Interstate 20. According to reports, an officer reported that he responded to a report that a tractor trailer had flipped. The officer said when he arrived he observed a trailer unattached to its tractor. The officers spoke to the driver who said while he was traveling eastbound on Interstate 20 he felt the trailer begin to shift. The driver said as he was attempting to maneuver the tractor trailer to the side of the road the trailer disconnected from the truck and slid 352 feet on the interstate.

On August 15 a theft of lost property complaint was filed at Wendy’s, Eatonton Road. According to reports, a woman said she left her black purse containing $40 cash, a United Bank debit car, checkbook, EBT card, driver’s license and Social Security card at the restaurant. When she realized the mistake, she said she contacted the restaurant and was told the purse had not been found.

On August 16 a child molestation complaint was filed at a Highland Avenue residence. According to reports, a woman alleged that more than two months ago she suspects her former boyfriend of molesting her 4-year-old daughter. The woman was referred to a sexual assault nurse examiner at Egleston Hospital.

On August 15 Brandon Wayne McMichael, 34, Madison was arrested and charged with shoplifting. According to reports, video surveillance allegedly showed McMichael bending over in the beer and wine section of the store and placing items in the pockets of his cargo pants. An employee reported that after McMichael left the store he noticed that 20 six ounce bottles of alcohol were missing. An officer familiar with McMichael went to McMichael’s residence and observed three empty wine bottles. The second time the officer went to McMichael’s residence he observed McMichael “with a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from his person.” He was then arrested.

Morgan County Sheriff’s Office

On August 20 a theft by taking complaint was filed at a Longwood Drive residence. According to reports, a man said that when he and his son went to a Longwood Drive residence to pickup a relative’s four-wheeler after she had moved out of the house they discovered that the vehicle was missing. The woman suspects her former boyfriend may have sold the vehicle.

On August 19 a threats complaint was made in the lobby of the Morgan County Sheriff’s Office, Monticello Road. According to reports, a Rutledge woman stated that for the past two weeks she had been getting threatening text messages. The messages, in part, urge the woman to kill herself and called her vulgar names. The woman said she had no insight into who was sending the messages.

On August 18 Grey Lewis, 49, Madison, was arrested and charged with battery and criminal damage to property. According to reports, Lewis allegedly rammed his Ford F 350 truck into his girlfriend’s 2011 Ford Edge, causing a tire to flatten and damaging a wheel well. Lewis also allegedly removed personal items from the girlfriend’s vehicle, took her cell phone, slapped her and pushed her to the ground and put out a cigarette on her left thigh. An officer observed that the woman had a large swollen red mark under her left eye and a burn on her leg the approximate size of a cigarette. While the officer was talking with the woman, reports state, a Ford F 350 continued to drive by the woman’s residence and the driver was “screaming several unclear words.” A second officer was called to the area and the truck left but Lewis was located and arrested later.

On August 17 a theft complaint was filed at a Cedar Grove Road, Buckhead. According to reports, a man said that while he took his girlfriend to Athens for a haircut someone entered his residence and took a bottle of Xanax and a bottle of Tramadol. The complainant said a relative and friend had been at the house earlier to help repair a well pump and he suspects they may have taken the pills.

On August 16  an identity theft complaint was filed  at a Monticello Road residence. According to reports, a woman said when she was attempting to co-sign a loan for her teenage child, the bank informed her that there was a problem with her credit. The  woman said the discrepancy came with a Sprint telephone bill opened in June, 2013. The woman said she had never had a Sprint account. The woman said she contacted Sprint and was told that the account had a New York address. The woman said her maiden name had been used to open the account.

On August 15 a tearing down mailboxes complaint was filed at a Little River Road residence. According to reports, a mailbox at the residence had been spray-painted with a brown metallic paint. A second mailbox on the same street was later found damaged too.

On August 15 a harassing phone call complaint was filed at a Cooks Hill Road residence. According to reports, a woman said the girlfriend of her child’s father had sent her threatening messages both via text and through Facebook. After the report was filed, the complainant later contacted authorities and said she had resolved the harassment issues and did not want to pursue the incident criminally.

On August 15 a battery complaint was filed at a West Main Street, Rutledge residence. According to reports, a woman said she went to the residence to retrieve an engagement ring from another woman. Reports state that she wanted the ring back because the couple had broken up. However, the woman with the ring told a deputy that both women had helped to purchase the ring. One woman had bruises and a torn shirt but neither wanted to press criminal charges.

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