Guns, meth found

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By Patrick Yost


A Madison man was charged with both methamphetamine and weapon charges following a traffic stop last Thursday.

Tony Lanier Garrett, 32, was stopped near the intersection of South Main Street and Central Avenue in Madison by Morgan County Deputy James Cason at approximately 9:30 p.m. after Cason allegedly observed Garrett driving a vehicle with a paper tag.

Cason stopped Garrett and Garrett allegedly told him he had just purchased the vehicle and had not purchased a tag yet. The deputy reported that Garrett also did not have a license on his person and was “fidgety and talking fast” and “… Mr. Garrett had trouble standing still.”

Deputy Cason observed Garrett attempting to complete sobriety tests and in some aspects he allegedly failed. Cason said he asked Garrett when was the last time he had consumed methamphetamine and he responded that it had been two weeks.

Cason said he considered Garrett a “less safe” driver and he was arrested and charged with DUI drugs.

When the officer searched Garrett’s vehicle he allegedly found a Stag Arms AR-15 rifle and a Excam CT27 25 pistol. Inside a backpack was an Arizona Tea can with a false compartment. Enroute to the Morgan County Detention Center, reports state, Cason said Garrett was “moving and fidgeting a lot in the back seat” of the patrol car.

After Cason delivered Garrett to jailers he returned to his patrol car and noticed a clear bag of suspected methamphetamine under the back seat of his vehicle. Reports state that Cason had checked the back seat of the vehicle before he started his shift and that Garrett had been the only person in the back seat during his shift.

Cason said he informed Garrett of what he had found and Garrett denied knowledge of the suspected methamphetamine. Cason said he told Garrett he was going to charge him for possession of methamphetamine. Cason said the suspected bag of narcotics weighed 3.6 grams.

In total, Garrett was charged with DUI drugs, possession of methamphetamine, crossing the guard line with drugs, possession of  a firearm during the commission of a felony, unregistered vehicle and no license on person.

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