Madison Artist Guilding moving to Vason Building on Main

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By Dianne Lively Yost


Hold your breath. Count to three. Make a wish.

Come with me … and you’ll be … in a world of pure imagination. Take a look and you’ll see into your imagination. We’ll begin … with a spin traveling in the world of my creation. What we’ll see will defy … explanation. 

Momma’s magic Barn Dance is tonight! We already late! Do you hear that? Wow! The place is packed!  But it can’t be . . . Lord. Have. Mercy! Honey, you have hair on the top of your head!  You’re 25 again! Hey and I’m not a porker anymore and where did these high-heeled Candy shoes come from! Right! I’ve got it! Momma’s barn is smack in the middle of a vortex and it Rocks!

And honey nothin’ is more magical than art so y’all are gonna flip when you hear this: The Madison Artists Guild (MAG) is moving to Main Street in the Vason building at 121 South Main Street next to Antique Sweets!  Madison Artists Guild member Kiki Pollard said that being on Main Street “will attract more people into the gallery and lo and behold the building was available and Wayne Vason wanted us in there!” Of note, Mr. Vason’s wife is a renowned artist. “He’s been great to work with!” She says the building has about 1,000 square feet more than their existing space on West Jefferson Street! So Kiki says they are making requests now for artists to bring in more artwork. They plan to be in the new space by Oct. 2! The biggest change is MAG will be promoting individual artists more. “It really will be a bigger statement for the artist.” Kiki also let the cat out of the bag and told me not to tell but they also have a new executive director Bryan Hardman who will start in September! He is an artist who operated a gallery in Monroe. Kiki is do ding dang excited. “It’s good timing and we’ll be next to Antique Sweets. It just can’t get any better than that!” Indeed! Congrats Madison Artists Guild!!

Hey and we’ve got another new business openin’ up in downtown Madison! It’s called Pet Wants and it’s owned by Susan Scherer and is located at 292 Hancock St. in Madison! Susan says they will be open soon! Anyhow Pet Wants will sell fantastic, healthy food for dogs and cats! It’s all natural and honey they’ll even deliver it directly to your door! Ding dang Dog! Right so some of the dog food items are Chicken & Brown Rice, Salmon & Brown Rice, Lamb & Brown Rice, Puppy food higher in protein, grain-free food and cat food for adults and kittens! Oh and honey they even will be sellin’ house made jerky for your babies! Oh and they have salves, balms and sprays made with essential oils for dogs and humans! LOVE IT! Susan met Petey and Scout today and says she’s gonna give them a sample of their best-sellin’ dog food! Honey they cannot wait! Keep watchin’ this column for opein’ date info!

And speakin’ of pets, y’all please check out the Humane Society of Morgan County! They have so many pets that need adopting and can’t even take any more pets until some have been adopted! Oh and they have some precious adult dogs who were breeders and are just the sweetest babies in the world! They likely lived most of their lives in a cage. Please give them a chance to feel love and to experience the beautiful world around them!  They are located at 1170 Fairground Road in Madison. Or you can call 706-343-9977!

Oh. My. Gosh! Momma says she wants a brand, spankin’ new Cadillac immediately but honey she wants a deal! Well Heyward Allen located at 2590 Atlanta Highway in Athens had got the deal to end all deals!! Momma flat can’t wait to get over there! Check out their beautiful full page ad in this week’s newspaper! Honey they are flat havin’ a Labor Day Sales Event with savings up to $15,216. That’s $15216! Ding Dang! What are you waitin’ for? Get some new wheels and tell ‘em Biz Buzz sent you!

Yike’s I’m flat outta space! Y’all be a good neighbor, stay positive and sing like Willy Wonka: If you want to view paradise, simply look around and view it. Anything you want to, do it. Want to change the world. There’s nothing to it.

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