Teen keeps fighting for life

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By Tia Lynn Ivey

managing editor

A grim prognosis has been announced for Wesley Glover, the 16-year-old Morgan County High School (MCHS) student involved in a drowning incident on August 9. According to Glover’s family, the most recent MRI results revealed extensive brain damage. “The prognosis is not encouraging. We are not ready to give up on Wesley, though, and we want to give him every opportunity to prove the doctors wrong. We are asking for a second MRI (and second opinion) to see if there are any changes. We will continue to keep you updated,” wrote Debbie Glover on Wesley’s GoFundMe page last week. The family is still hoping for the best despite the MRI results.

The family wrote of Wesley’s condition, “Still resting comfortably…Still unresponsive…Still a sweetheart…Still handsome…Still a loving, caring kid

Still loved…Still praying for a miracle…”

Donations are continuing to pour in for Wesley, to help his family cover his medical bills. As of press time on Tuesday, August 30, $9,575 has been raised thus far.

According to the incident report, County firefighters and EMS responded to the call on August 9, arriving at the West Main Street home to find Wesley unresponsive near the pool with an adult female performing CPR on him. First responders took over CPR and cleared an airway in the 15-year-old while transporting him to Morgan Memorial Hospital.

According to the site, “Wesley had a drowning accident severe enough to stop his heart and cut off oxygen to his brain for a significant amount of time. Wesley and his family are looking at the reality of long-term care for Wesley that includes enormous medical bills, long-term home care cost and/or possible institutional care. Wesley is currently in the ICU unit of Children’s Hospital on life support. While some of his organs are starting to respond, his brain and nervous system are not responding as hoped. The future is unknown for Wesley, a boy with a great smile and a big heart, who celebrated his 16th birthday unconscious this week in the ICU.”

The site also notes that Wesley’s mother is the sole financial provider for Wesley, and his three younger sisters.

“The family has been overwhelmed by the shock and trauma of this accident, and also with the love, emotional support and prayers offered for Wesley and his family,” said Debbie Glover, Wesley’s grandmother. “We are hoping that you can help us now take care of his family financially. Please help if you can, and thank you, thank you, thank you!”

To donate, visit: www.gofundme.com/wesleyglover. An account at WellsFargo Bank has also been established so anyone can donate in person to help Wesley Glover. To donate, visit any WellsFargo branch and ask about the Wesley Warriors’ fund.

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