Wesley Glover: Acts of Kindness

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By Tia Lynn Ivey

In the wake of a sudden tragedy, family, friends and community members have been inspired to keep Wesley Glover’s memory alive through a random acts of kindness campaign, encouraging people to do to some good for their fellow man in Wesley’s honor.

Wesley Glover was a 16-year-old Morgan County High School student involved in a drowning accident last month, passing away on Sunday, Sept. 4 after battling to live on life support for weeks.

Now, a mini-movement has begun with family and loved ones purposefully seeking out opportunities to bless those around them with small acts of kindness. A Facebook group was founded, called “Wesley’s Warriors’ Random Acts of Kindness,” where people can share their experiences of doing a kind deed in Wesley’s memory. Many people have paid a stranger’s bill at a restaurant or drive–through window, left extra tips for servers, or volunteered their time at a local community organization. 

“We would love to see it continue and spread further,” said Debbie Glover, Wesley’s grandmother. “Wesley had the biggest heart. He loved everybody and he loved animals. We loved him a lot. He was just a kind, gentle and special person. He would have loved to know people were doing all this for him… It’s been my heart just to know that Wesley is living on though all these acts of kindness.”

According to the Glover family, the Morgan County School System has taken exceptional care of Wesley’s three younger sisters who attend the primary, elementary and middle schools in Morgan County. Morgan County High School provided grief counselors for Wesley’s friends grieving his death as well.

“I love Morgan County schools for everything everyone has done for my girls during this horrible time,” wrote Heather Glover, Wesley’s mother, in a Facebook post.

The Morgan County Primary School has placed a “Random Acts of Kindness” jar in the classroom of Wesley’s little sister, Maleigha Glover, so students can write down what how they have been kind and give it to the Glover family. The school has given the Glover sisters security blankets. Community members have reached out to the Glover family with all kinds of gestures to help them through their grief.

“I want to take this opportunity to thank all of you for everything you have done for Wesley and our family from the time of the accident and for what you are still doing now,” wrote Debbie. “Thank you for the prayers, the love, the support, all of the random acts of kindness done in Wesley’s memory, cutting Heather’s grass, the snacks at the hospital, the food, the gift cards, the visits to the hospital, the Morgan Co. School System for taking care of Wesley’s sisters, the financial support for Heather and the girls, donating food and supplies for Wesley’s celebration, my work for allowing me to be with Heather and Wesley, and everything else that you did and continue to do for Wesley’s family! There are so many things! You have given us strength when we needed it most!”

An outdoor dance party, organized by family friend Eva Young, will be held after Wesley’s memorial service on Saturday, Sept. 17 at Rutledge City Park.

“That’s what Wesley loved most—music and dancing,” said Debbie. “We thought there would be no better way to celebrate his life than to invite everyone to the park after the service to do the things Wesley loved.”

A service will be held for Wesley on Saturday, Sept. 17 at Rutledge Baptist Church, located at 112 West Main Street in Rutledge.  Visitation will commence at 10 a.m. and the memorial service will begin at 11 a.m. The lively post-celebration of Wesley’s life at Rutledge’s city park will begin as soon as the memorial service is over.

“All you have to do is bring your dancing shoes and skateboards, wear your headphones, baggy pants and your hats backwards, and together, we will celebrate the life of an incredible young man,” wrote Wesley’s family. “We are looking forward to this special gathering of Wesley’s Warriors!!”

The family is asking that donations be made in lieu of flowers. People moved to give to the Glover family can visit: www.gofundme.com/wesleyglover. The GoFundMe Campaign as raised $10,425 so far for the Glover family. An account at WellsFargo Bank has also been established so anyone can donate in person to help the Glover family cover Wesley’s medical bills. To donate, visit any WellsFargo branch and ask about the Wesley Warriors’ fund. 

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