Lion’s Club Fair is OPEN for fun!

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By Dianne Lively Yost

Lord. Have Mercy! It’s Merle Haggard on the porch with Momma! Now that’s a sight to see! Sing it y’all: We don’t smoke marijuana in Morgan County. We don’t take our trips on LSD. We don’t dress like hippies down on Main Street. We like livin’ right and bein’ free. Yes I’m proud to be townie from Morgan County. A place where even squares can have a ball. We still wave Old Glory down at the courthouse, and white lightnin’s still the biggest thrill of all!  Well ding dang dong! Now that’s a song if there ever was one!

I’m flat happy y’all! That’s all there is to it! And one reason I’m so hap-hap- happy is ‘cause United Bank is celebratin’ Customer Appreciation 2016 from September 21 til 23! Ok United Bank is flat serious when it comes to appreciatin’ their customers! I’m talkin’ you can stop by United Bank located at 256 North Main Street in Madison and pick up a free shoppin’ tote along with a list of local retailers offering special discounts for United Bank customers! Oh and that ain’t all y’all! On Sept. 23 you can stop by for a free Customer Appreciation Lunch! Boy Howdie! I’m fixin’ to have a fit! I’m gonna get my tote and fill it up with all the local deals! Thanks local retailers! Check out their huge fantastic ad in this week’s Citizen! Yes!

Are you smilin’ yet? Yes! I knew you were! It’s slap impossible to keep a mean ole scrunched up lemon face while readin’ the Biz Buzz! Plus y’all it’s truly Fall now! I’m talkin’ Madison Lion’s Club Fair is OPEN and ready for fun, fun, fun . . . Think funnel cakes, corn dogs, burgers, cotton candy, fried everything! Then think ridin’ sideways and backwards at supersonic speeds! Now that is country fun! Ok so Momma says she’s flat gonna ride The Ring of Fire 20 times! Shoot Fire! It’s dang scary lookin’! Ok so the fair is located behind Wal-Mart on Lions Club Road and hours are Tuesday through Friday 6 p.m. til 10 p.m. with special hours on Saturday 6 p.m. til midnight! Oh and they’re havin’ a Saturday Matinee from 1 p.m til 5 p.m.! And, don’t forget Thursday, Sept 22 is the 4H Dairy Show!  Check out their big fat fabulous ad in this week’s newspaper! Love it!

Y’all if you haven’t already checked out the two new fabulous art galleries at Madison Markets located at 144 Academy Street, you’ve gotta get on it now ‘cause you are missin’ out! Plus if you’re just feelin’ low and slow, a stroll through Madison Markets will totally lift your spirits!  Honey they have 75 dealers with over 20,000 square feet of fabulousness! It’s a shopper’s paradise! Hey and check out the Madison Markets ad in the latest issue of beautiful Lake Oconee Living! It’s an amazing issue!

Hey and speakin’ of Lake Oconee Living advertisers, I flat love The Cork Boutique and Gifts in downtown Covington! It as an attached Growler & Cigar shop too! They sell wine and craft beer with tastings daily, gourmet foods and cheeses plus you can bring your big fat growler and fill her up right smack there! I was visitin’ there the other day and bought one of their cigars for my handsome husband! Y’all check it out at 1109 Church Street on the square in downtown Covington! Oh and check out their fab ad in this issue of Lake Oconee Living!

Hey and speakin’ of Lake Oconee Living, y’all check out the in STYLE section writing by local Madisonian Chris Hodges! The latest issue features Candace Carlson (aka) Aunt Candy of Madison! It’s just a fab addition to the magazine!

Oh and before I forget, y’all! You know you’ve always wanted to cook in Madison’s Chili Cook Off! So stop dreamin’ and flat DO IT! It is a blast event if you don’t win! But honey it’s sure is a lot more fun if you do!  Right so get off your bowhonkers and call Madison City Hall and ask for Colleen Hall at 706-342-1251, extension 208!

Hey and I hope y’all are enjoyin’ the Citizen’s weekly restaurant reviews. We are doing a review on the restaurants in Morgan County and around the region that advertised in our Local Eats magazine! Check out this week’s review on our very own Clover House! Look for Covington’s Mystic Grill in next week’s paper!

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