Friend shoots friend

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By Patrick Yost


Morgan County Authorities last Friday said a follow–up investigation into the shooting of a 15–year–old Rutledge teen has revealed that the teen was accidentally shot by a friend.

According to Capt. Chris Bish, investigation division, Morgan County Sheriff’s Office, officers continued investigations after the Friday, September 16 shooting at a Hawkins Avenue residence and, through interviews, learned that a second 15–year–old male shot the victim in the groin.

Initially investigators believed that the victim had shot himself while handling a .22 pistol in a bedroom in the residence.

“The friend fired the shot that hit him,” Bish said.

Bish said both teens were handling weapons in the bedroom, loading and unloading pistols in preparation for a controlled shoot on Saturday. Both left the bedroom and when they returned the friend picked up the .22 pistol and fired a shot across the room that struck the victim in the leg and groin area. Bish said the shooting was deemed accidental and that both the victim’s family and the shooter’s family were “adamant not to pursue charges.”

“Both families were adamant that he did not need to be prosecuted,” Bish said.

The victim was transported to Athens Regional Hospital where he was treated for the wound and released the same day.

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