Lady Dogs Celebrate Senior Night

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By R. Alan Richardson

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Even though Morgan’s Spike Dogs lost two matches to exceptional teams last Thursday in Oconee County and George Walton Academy, it didn’t dampen the emotion and love shown toward the four seniors on the roster for the evening.

The four seniors were Taylor Adams, Mary Zimmerman, Carley Henry, and Alexis E’Dalgo.  Below is a brief bio of each senior.

Taylor Adams was escorted by her parents Dana and Aubie Knight.  She has been in the program for five years but is undecided where she wants to go to school.  However, she does want to study early childhood education.  She said, “I cherish all the memories and friends I’ve made over the last five years.”  Taylor is a member of the National Honor Society and a founding member of the Morgan County Chapter of UGA Heros as well as a member of the BEST Club.  She’s proud of the fact that her yearly grade average above 94.  Her proudest accomplishment in high school is making it to the final eight last year and going farther than anyone thought they would.

Mary Zimmerman was escorted by Luke and Veronica, her siblings.  She has played volleyball for three years and plans on going to Georgia Southern or Dalton State University.  Mary hopes to be playing college volleyball a year from now and studying nutrition for athletes.  She loves riding horses and playing sports of all kinds.  She loves to work out and spend time outdoors with family and friends.

Carley Henry was escorted by her parents Craig and Christy Henry as well as her brother Will.  She’s been playing volleyball at Morgan County for four years and plans to major in early childhood education at a school she’s undecided about.  Her favorite memories include making it to the Elite Eight last year and creating long lasting friendships.  Carley is a member of the tennis team, Younglife, Best Club, FCA, UGA HEROs and National honor society.  She is proud of the fact that she has won many academic and athletic awards throughout high school.

Alexis E’Dalgo was escorted by her parents Mike and Vicki E’Dalgo and has been a member of the volleyball team for three years.  Her future plans include either attending UGA or Georgia College and State University to pursue a major in nursing and become a neonatal or pediatric nurse.  Her favorite memories include hanging out with the team and the bond they have made.  She is a member of the National Honor Society.

A special award was given to their number one fan during the festivities; Richard Howard.  He said, “The girls caught me off-guard with this one.  They are a great group of girls.  I started out driving the bus for them and the sport just grew on me.  It’s non-stop action, but I can’t over emphasize the quality of this team and the girls.  They’ve given me hope again for our next generation that we’re going to be OK.  I’m extremely proud to be associated with them.”

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