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Madison Police Department

On September 25 at 11:30 p.m. a battery complaint was filed at Budget Inn, Eatonton Road. According to reports, a man said that his girlfriend and another man entered his room and began an argument regarding the woman’s check and car keys. During the argument, the complainant said, the man allegedly struck him once on the left side of his head and then again on the right side of his face, busting his lip. The girlfriend and the man then left the room and left the area in a black car with shiny rims. The complainant told officers that he wanted to file a complaint but he had been drinking so he would wait until Monday. At 1:30 a.m. the same officer was called to Morgan Memorial Hospital regarding an assault. While at the hospital, the man who had entered the room with the complainant’s girlfriend alleged that while  he was walking on the sidewalk in front of the Budget Inn the complainant struck him in the back with a police night stick. The man alleged that after he was struck with the stick, the complainant then threw a saw blade at the man which struck him in the back. The man alleged that the complainant then stabbed him. The man said he wanted to press charges but after he was told he would have to appear in court as a victim he said he “didn’t want any paperwork of the incident.”

On September 20 a theft of mislaid property complaint was filed at a North Main Street residence. According to reports, a woman said she had ordered a new cell phone on September 17. On September 22 she called and requested shipping information and was told that the package had already been delivered to a East Jefferson Street residence. Officers went to that residence regarding the package but were told that no package had been delivered.

On September 23 an entering auto complaint was filed at Adrian’s Place, West Washington Street. According to reports, a woman said that while she was at work someone entered her vehicle and removed $300 from her purse.

On September 21 a harassing phone call complaint was filed at a Bramblewood Drive residence. According to reports, a woman said she began receiving texts from an unknown number. The woman said she texted back and forth attempting to identify the person texting. The woman said then the texts became increasingly vulgar and sexual in nature. The woman said she ceased texting with the person. But a day later the person texted again with sexual nature texts. The complainant then received a text from the person stating that he was going to come to the complainant’s house and have sexual relations and then kill the complainant and her mother.

On September 18 Douglas Truman Moss, 45, Madison was arrested and charged with DUI, possession of controlled substances and prescription drugs not in original container. According to reports, a 1995 Honda Civic Moss was driving on U.S. 441 near  Hampton Lane was stopped after the vehicle allegedly pulled toward two on-coming vehicles at 5:27 a.m. After the stop, an officer observed Moss had glassy eyes. After a sobriety test was performed, Moss was arrested. Consequent to his arrest an officer allegedly located a white pill in Moss’ jacket pocket and five more pills wrapped in a Tractor Supply receipt. The pills were identified as 10 mg Methadone.

On September 21 a criminal damage to property complaint was filed at a Mica Way residence. According to reports, a woman said a 14-year-old male began “acting out” in her apartment. The woman said the teen was waving a razor blade knife and yelling. The woman said she armed herself with a hammer and the teen left but continued to bang on the woman’s door. The woman said she then heard a large crash and she observed that someone had thrown a concrete gutter splash block onto the front of her 2012 Dodge Avenger, damaging the front bumper, hood and both headlights.

On September 20 Jeffery Michael Stuart, 42, Madison was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct. According to reports, Stuart allegedly walked into Madison Drug Store, North Main Street at noon while “highly intoxicated.” He told officers he was seeking a bathroom. Reports state that Stuarts pants were wet when he entered the store. A store employee noticed him “stumbling” in the store.

On September 18 a theft by taking complaint was filed at Sunflower Food Store, Eatonton Road. According to reports, a manager at the store accused a store employee of taking product from the store, not making money drops and that her drawer came up short. When an officer questioned the employee regarding the allegations, the employee allegedly stated “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

On September 19 a theft by deception complaint was filed at Auto 1, Eatonton Road. According to reports, an employee alleged that a former employee went to Cooper’s tire service and picked up a 2001 Ford Taurus without Auto 1’s knowledge or consent.

Morgan County Sheriff’s Office

On September 24 a fraud complaint was filed at a Walton Mill Road residence. According to reports, a woman said she contacted her credit card company after she attempted to make a purchase and was declined. The woman said the company told her that someone had attempted to withdrawl $302 from an ATM in New York and attempted to make two $500 withdrawls from ATM’s in Pennsylvania. All charges were denied because the woman had not set up a personal identification number (PIN) for the credit card.

On September 22 Patrick Travers Ponder, 29, Madison was arrested and charged with possession of marijuana and possession of methamphetamine. According to reports, officers served an arrest warrant at 10 p.m. at Ponder’s Park Street residence. No other information was included in the incident report.

On September 23 a theft by taking complaint was filed at a Beaver Dam Road residence. According to reports, a woman reported that someone had taken a Horton Hauler from her yard. Exercise equipment and other items were found in a field near Nolans Store Road. A fish fryer, weedeater and chainsaw that had been located in the trailer were not found.

On September 22 a fraud complaint was filed at an Atlanta Highway residence. According to reports, a woman said someone tried to use her Amazon Prime account to purchase two pair of Timberland boots in Canada. The same person also allegedly attempted to buy a $600 IPhone in Canada. All purchases were declined after the woman contacted Amazon.

On September 21 a burglary complaint was filed at a Prospect Road residence. According to reports, a man reported that someone had broken into both a shed and his vehicle the night before. Reports state that various tools valued at $350 were taken from the shed. Nothing was reported missing from the vehicle but items were strewn about the vehicle.

On September 22 a criminal trespass complaint was filed at a High Shoals Road residence. According to reports, a deputy responded to disturbance call and observed that someone had painted a curse word on the front door of the residence and the words (expletive) hole on concrete at the rear of the house. A man at the house said his son had painted the words after he told him he could not drive the son to his mother’s house because he had been drinking. The son was taken to a grandparent’s house for the night.

On September 22 William James Knight, 17, Madison was arrested and charged with reckless driving, ATV on public road, driving while unlicensed and possession of marijuana. According to reports, an officer allegedly observed Knight driving a red ATV at “a high rate of speed” on Dixie Highway. The officer said he followed the vehicle until affecting a traffic stop on the ATV on Fambrough Bridge Road. Consequent to the stop, the deputy said, he reminded Knight that two hours earlier he had given him a warning regarding driving off road vehicles on the roadway. The deputy also reported locating a small bag of suspected marijuana on Knight’s person consequent to the arrest.

On September 21 an information report was filed at a Second Street, Bostwick residence. According to reports, a woman said after she had observed her son’s girlfriend having sexual relations with a strange man in the complainant’s house, the girlfriend had used foul language against her. The complainant said she filed a Temporary Protective Order against the girlfriend and the girlfriend was removed from the property and taken to the Budget Inn in Madison. However, the complainant said  the girlfriend showed up on her knees in the woman’s carport, begging for a place to stay and something to eat. The woman told the girlfriend that she would not call police but that the girlfriend needed to leave. The girlfriend requested permission to sleep in the yard and the complainant acquiesced and allowed the girlfriend to stay. The next morning the complainant alleged that during the night the girlfriend entered the house and slept in a spare bedroom. The complainant observed the girlfriend in the kitchen the next morning. The girlfriend was gone when deputies arrived.

On September 21 a verbal dispute complaint was filed at a Pine Tree Circle residence. According to reports, a 19-year-old woman told officers that her ex-boyfriend and father of her expectant child was at the house earlier and would not leave. The woman said the ex-boyfriend was playing with her other child when she observed messages from other women on his phone and a fight ensued regarding, but not limited to, fidelity issues. The woman said she had broken up with the man three weeks ago. A deputy spoke with the man who said he had been staying at the residence until he was asked to leave this morning.

On September 22 a found drug item complaint was filed at a Baldwin Dairy Road residence. According to reports, a man said his 10-year-old son had located a suspected meth pipe on the grass in front of the child’s mother’s house. The couple is no longer together. The man said he was concerned for his two children to stay at the house. A deputy went to the mother’s house and asked for and received permission to search the property. A pipe was found in the grass. The  mother denied any drug use.

On September 19 a criminal trespass complaint was filed at a Whispering Lakes Trail residence. According to reports, a man said someone entered a 2004 Dodge Ram and removed a Ruger .45 pistol with two loaded clips of ammunition. The man said someone also entered a Chevrolet Malibu on the property and rifled through the glove box and center console but nothing was taken.

On September 19 a theft by deception complaint was filed at a Bostwick Road residence. According to reports, a woman said she had entered her personal information on a payday loan search engine. The woman said she was contacted by a person identifying himself as Erick Wilson. Wilson said the woman had qualified for a $1,000 loan but that his company did not work with the woman’s bank and that the woman would need to go to Rite Aid and get a $100 ITunes gift card and send the information to Williams. He would then, he said, release the $1,000 to the woman via Western Union. The woman said she complied but when she attempted to check on the wire order, she was told by Western Union that the number the man had given her was non-existent. She called Williams for clarification and Williams asked her to send a second $100. The woman said at this point she realized she was being scammed.

On September 19 a warrant was issued for the arrest of Levi Adam Hulsey, 23, Madison for violation of the Georgia Controlled Substance Act and possession of marijuana.

Deputies executed a search warrant at Hulsey’s Parsonage Road residence but no other information was given regarding either the warrant or the charges.

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