Thank goodness it’s cooler!

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We had a very cool 48 degrees here on Wednesday or Thursday morning (now I can’t remember which!), and it is staying a little cooler through the day, thank goodness, but we are in dire need of rain.  It wouldn’t even matter if it did frost early this year, the grass is already dead and down to nothing.  Very sad. 

A couple of weeks ago, Rev. Charles Smith, pastor of Madison Baptist Church, entitled his sermon, “I am the Government and I am Here to Help.”  When I heard about it (I couldn’t be there that Sunday), I thought that was an interesting title, because I will be honest with you, I can’t remember the government being that big a help to me, they are always wanting something from me to help them it seems…. like money and red tape.  But this past week, I will have to say that I was very impressed with a department in our state government, because they really, really helped.  

I was helping my parents with an insurance problem with their house and property.  They received a letter telling them their policy was not going to be renewed, because of a claim the preceding year….one claim, if not the only claim in all the years they had had this policy.  The company had changed names about three years ago,but that wasn’t their fault, they had still been paying premiums for the coverage same as always.  Well, they and I got busy calling around to see about getting coverage with a different company.  It was not easy to say the least. One couldn’t do it because of this and another because of that. I was going on three weeks working on this, and slowly losing my mind.  Well, someone ( an angel) at an office I talked to said I might ought to call the insurance commissioner’s office on this problem I was having; that they might could help me out.   He told me to go to their website and to file a complaint and to also call Greg Hawkins who works in the commissioner’s office.  I knew Greg lived here in Madison.  This “angel” told me that they may could help me or at least give me some answers.  Skeptical me said, “Do they really look at these complaints and will someone actually call me back?”  He said, “Oh, yes ma’am, they really do look at these things.”  So, I went online, filled out a form and I called.   I have never been so impressed with an office in my life.  Greg was very prompt at returning my call, and he was able to resolve the issue for me promptly also.  He is also an angel!!  I have never been so relieved in my life!  Greg went to school with my brother, Tim.  I have never met him face to face, but he is a good man working in that office.  Praise the Lord!  To be serious, I don’t know how our government pays out all it does; it takes a lot of money.  I know they seem to waste a lot of money at the federal level, but I finally got to see our tax dollars at work last week.  The Veterans Administration has also been a tremendous help to my daddy with furnishing him with many visual impairment aids and devices which really help him in his daily life.  He has macular degeneration and his eyesight has diminished quite a lot in these later years.  Whenever the girl comes to their house to see if he needs anything or anything they can do, she is all the time wanting to give him something.  I told her that is absolutely wonderful; that I love to see our tax dollars helping out the veterans like this.  I am very thankful for Greg, for Genevive in the Veteran’s office and other’s like them who are serving the public.  May God bless them!    From Alabama’s song, “Oh, I believe there are angels among us, Sent down to us from somewhere up above……”  I always know who sends this Grandma  mine…….

 We extend our sympathy to the family of Ronnie Fielding as he passed away last week after a long battle.  Ronnie was married to the former Vickie Lupo and they had three children,  Jason, Austin, and Luke Fielding with their families.  He was a brother to Debra Bonner and Teresa Waldrop.  Our thoughts and prayers are with the family at this time and in the days ahead.  

A classmate of my class of 1970, Heyward Edwards, also passed away recently.  Heyward had never married and his mother and father had passed away a few years back.  A private graveside service was held on this past Sunday afternoon in Union Point where his mother and father were buried.  

My brother Tim Wilson’s mother-in-law, Joy Dupuy, in Marksville, Louisiana also passed away this past Sunday morning.  Tim and his family are there this week as the services will be held there on this Thursday.  We extend our deepest sympathy to them also. 

  We had several little ones in our community who celebrated birthdays recently.  Hope Mealor, daughter of Amanda and Derrick Mealor and the granddaughter of Dale and Howard Thompson celebrated her second birthday with a fun birthday party at her home on the Bethany Road on Sunday afternoon.  Many family members and friends joined her to wish her a very Happy Birthday! 

 The Kilpatrick twins, Kentlee and Morgan, children of Rebekah and Jason Kilpatrick, turned 1 year old this past weekend.  They, too, celebrated with a big party at their home on Saturday afternoon with cousins, grandparents and big brother, Grayson.  Happy Birthday to all these children! 

 Steve and Sarah Nell Craig’s granddaughter’s, Peyton, Elise and Meri Kenny of Acworth spent the weekend with their grandparents while their parents were on a trip to Jamaica.  Grandma and Granddaddy treated them to a big weekend.  They went skating on Friday night at the rink in Buckhead and on Saturday they all went to the fall festival down at Crooked Pines Farm on Harmony Road, then they all attended the birthday party of their cousins, Morgan and Kentlee Kilpatrick.  I know someone was tired after all of that!!  

 Mary and Frank Eaton’s prayers were answered this week as their son, Franklin and Stacy Eaton returned from China where they had gone to pick up their new little daughter, Susannah.  Susannah was welcomed to her new home by her big sisters, Sabrina, Sophia, and Sarah.  Continue to pray as Susannah gets adjusted to her new home.  That’s a lot of change for a little one to make!  

 We want to wish Hannah Eaton the best as she is soon to be off on another adventure.  She will soon be moving to Colorado Springs to an Army base there to work with children, youth, and school services.  She will be doing the same thing she did in Cuba.  God bless and God speed, Hannah! 

 Dale and Howard Thompson had a big weekend recently with the Madison Order of the Eastern Star.  Their group enjoyed a visit from Teena Culpepper, Worthy Grand Matron and also from Sonny Dycus, Worthy Grand Patron.  They all met at the Dawson Lodge in Social Circle.  Several members of the Eastern Star enjoyed having lunch together on last Friday at The Chophouse here in Madison.  

 Blanche and Jake Wilson enjoyed a visit from their grandson, Zach Wilson, on Sunday afternoon.  Zach had been up in this area working all week with his job.  He had spent the week with his parents, Connie and Marty Wilson. 

Connie and Paul Shumake have been busy going to the granddaughter’s soccer games this past week and also going to the homecoming football game here as their grandson, Bryson Burke, is a member of the Marching Band.  On Saturday, the girls participated in another horse show and Brynlee won another blue ribbon.  Congratulations, Brynlee! 

 Gloria and William Crew as well as the John Richard Wilson families and grandchildren all attended homecoming services up at Prospect Baptist Church this past Sunday.  Emelyn and John Richard’s son, John, was the guest speaker for the morning service.  John’s wife, Teddi Sue Wilson, was the guest pianist for the services which everyone enjoyed.  A delicious meal was enjoyed by all in attendance after the service.  

 Nancy and Lee Welch among many other family members all enjoyed a big Christian family reunion this past Saturday at the fire station in Buckhead.  Good food and a good time was had by all!  

Antioch Baptist Church hosted the Morgan County Baptist Association annual meeting this past Thursday night.  They had a great turnout and the preaching was great also.

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