Man with broken back crawls out of woods

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By Patrick Yost

managing editor

A man told Morgan County authorities that he had been dragging himself through the woods “for days” after he allegedly fell from a tree.

David Michael Andre, 57, Madison, was found lying on the ground at approximately 10 a.m. on Wednesday, October 5 next to a driveway on Doster Road. According to Morgan County Sheriff’s Office reports, Andre was asking the property owner for water and told Morgan County Deputy Adam Howard that he had “been in the woods for three or four days after his injury.”

Howard noted that Andre was wearing shorts and a button up type shirt and “appeared to be severely injured with possible back injuries.” He also had lacerations to his legs and arms “possibly from crawling through the woods on his stomach as apparently he could not walk.”

Howard reported that he followed a trail into the woods created, he assumed, by Andre dragging himself. Howard said he followed the trail for 267 feet “and located several burnt areas on the trail that appeared to be camp fires made by Mr. Andre.” He said the drag marks ended at the base of a tree. Andre’s wallet was located at the base of the tree. The wallet stated that Andre also has a Doster Road address, reports state.

Howard said he spoke again with Andre while at Morgan Memorial Hospital and Andre said the last thing he remembers is driving to the store for something to drink and then later he remembers going for a walk in the woods.

He also told Howard that he remembers climbing two trees to see where he was because he was lost and he remembers falling from one of the trees.

Howard noted that there had been a  vehicle crash where the driver was not located reported on Doster Road during the previous weekend. The green Jeep reported in the single car crash is registered to Andre, reports state.

Andre was transported to Athens Regional Medical Center and, according to Capt. Chris Bish, Morgan County Sheriff’s Office, appears to have suffered a broken back.

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