Middle School Football Remains Undefeated

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By R. Alan Richardson

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The Coach Aaron Paul coached team at MCMS has continued to crush the competition the entire season with an unblemished record at 8-0 that includes two pre-season games.  The following is a recap of the past two contests that include wins over Putnam and Monticello.

The Bullpups took a 28-0 victory over Putnam with big plays in the first half by Owen Peters who caught a touchdown pass and Desmond White who went the distance on a touchdown run in the first half to take a 14-0 halftime lead.

Kobridgette Lumpkin took it to the house in the second half on a rushing touchdown and Eric Taylor picked one off for a pick six as well to push the score to 28-0.  Coach Paul said, “Our defense has played phenomenal all year, only allowing two teams to score on us for the entire season, and quite a few of those scores were the result of some offensive miscues. Up until this game, when we played Carver and Loganville our offense had stagnated a bit with some coaching miscues, turnovers, and miscommunications. The offense played great against Putnam with a very solid performance for the entire game.”

The Dogs followed that up with a big 44-0 win over Monticello that was never in doubt.  The first half opened up with an opening 70 yard touchdown run by Que Wright with Zemarrion Little also scoring a touchdown in the first quarter.  Noah Brown added another running touchdown in the second quarter that was followed up by an Owen Peters touchdown reception.  Desmond White tacked on another run that made the score 36-0 and it was lights out for the Bulldogs.

Coach Paul said, “We started out sloppy offensively in the second half having two possessions end in three and outs. I have to give credit to Monticello because they made some adjustments at half time and their kids came out and fought hard and really put our offense in a bind a couple of times.”

Brown scored again and Denver Laughlin took it in for the two-point conversion to make the final score 44-0.  Paul again commented, “As a staff we have been telling our kids since May, and we continue to do so, that we will play for four quarters no matter what and we will continue to coach and play hard until the final whistle is blown. As the head coach one thing I hate to see is complacency.  We want to develop with our kids when they “think” we have the game in control. I want them to always be on their toes ready to fight and play until the very last second. We made some mistakes in the second half that are unacceptable, especially when we move on to the playoffs. Some false starts, offsides on defense, and a couple of illegal procedures on offense really threw our rhythm off offensively and it showed because we all of the sudden we were in third and 15 or 20 and couldn’t move the ball very well. Those are just some small things that we continue to focus on and emphasize with our kids every day at practice because those little things can add up. One thing that I was very proud of was the fact that we didn’t turn the ball over offensively, any interceptions thrown or fumbles. Pratt Spivey did a great job managing the game for us at quarterback and our backs and receivers did a fantastic job with ball security.

We are 6-0 for the regular season, 8-0 including our two scrimmage games and we are prepping and getting ready for the playoff game at home on the 19th. I would love it if we could try to fill the stands as much as possible because this team has been working extremely hard since May to get to this point.”

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