Spooky Town

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By Tia Lynn Ivey

managing editor

Downtown Rutledge was overrun with ghouls, goblins, superheroes, and other beloved iconic characters during the city’s annual Spooky Fall Festival on Saturday, Oct. 22. On a perfect Fall day, dozens of families celebrated in the downtown square while children showed off their creative costumes, played in the park, and feasted on hotdogs and candy. The festival featured a costume contests, haunted hayride, an inflatable slide, a bouncy house, a trunk-or-treat, and refreshments. The entire town square was decked out in lates, ribbons, pumpkins and spooky decorations. Families enjoyed the festive atmosphere and the opportunity for kids to have a safe Halloween party right in their hometown.

ly and safely perform. “It requires logistics, housing, plumbers, electricians, a hospital, medical personnel, firefighters, cooks–it’s a mini-civilization,” said York. “A lot of ice and snow covers the ground.”

York and his fellow firefighters respond to any aviation emergencies or fire outbreaks. York is honored to be serving in this program because he believes in the work they do there.

“This work is important because in our world, espeically in the political arena, science is often pushed to the back burner,” said York.  “But we need science to address the major issues facing our world today…said York, dealing with planets health in general, experiments done in Antartica.” York said the base conducts experiments with wildlife, weather patterns, geological elements, and determining different factors that affect the planet based on its age.

“The ice is a good marker for its age and pollution level,” said York

But York’s favorite part of serving in Antartica is dwelling in a land with such a peaceful history.

“It really is a unique environment,” said York. “Antarctica is the only continent that has never seen a war and it’s pure in that way. It’s the last innocent place on the planet where human beings haven’t gathered to kill one another and to me that’s very special….no where else on earth will you see this much international cooperation.”

York remembers people telling him that he was crazy for thinking he could go to Antarctica. “I am so glad I didn’t listen to them,” said York.

“Your dreams are only as crazy as other people let you believe theeare. My entire life’s goal was to come to Antarctica and I achieved that because I looked into what it takes to make it happen.”

York hopes people will be inspired by his own story and follow their own dreams.

“It takes imagination,” said York. “I found my dream in a library book. Never underestimate the power of reading and what that can do for your imagination and for your life.”

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