Bloody glove, dead cat raise suspicions

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By Patrick Yost

managing editor

A Bishop man was arrested on Thursday, October 27 after Morgan County Deputy Derrick Reid allegedly found suspected methamphetamine and a dead, bloody cat in his car.

According to reports, Arthur Shane Bell, 45, was arrested and charged with possession of methamphetamine, possession of a firearm during the commission of a crime and speeding after Deputy Reid allegedly observed Bell speeding on Bostwick Highway at approximately  10:30 a.m. Deputy Reid estimated that the 2005 Altima Nissan Bell was driving was going 85 mph in a 55 mph zone. The stop was made near the intersection of Bostwick Highway and Big Sandy Creek Road.

According to reports, after the stop, Deputy Reid noticed that Bell was wearing one bloody blue rubber glove. Next to Bell was a white trash bag with a second bloody glove on top.

Deputy Reid asked about the glove and, reports state, Bell said inside the bag was a dead cat that he had collected for a friend after the cat had been run over and killed. Deputy Reid placed Bell in the back of his patrol car and, reports state, asked for permission to look inside the bag to validate Bell’s statement that the bag contained a dead cat. Deputy Reid reported that there was a dead cat in the bag but that it show no signs of being run over. He asked Bell again about the cat’s cause of death and Bell allegedly told him “the cat had been shot but he did not do it.”

Deputy Reid also found a loaded Remington rifle on the back seat of the vehicle. A further search of the vehicle also revealed an Advil bottle next to the driver’s seat that allegedly contained two individual wrapped pieces of suspected methamphetamine.

Reports state that Bell told the deputy that he had no knowledge of the drugs.

The cat was confiscated by Morgan County Animal Control Officer Donna Prior. Reports state that Prior said she would process the deceased cat and issue appropriate charges, if any, against Bell.

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