Second explosion to affect gas prices

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By Tia Lynn Ivey

managing editor

Gas prices are expected to jump up in the coming weeks due to a deadly explosion in Alabama, in which a section of the Colonial Pipeline combusted.  At least one person was killed in the explosion with several others severely injured. The Colonial Pipeline is the same pipeline that experienced a leak earlier this year, which caused a region-wide gas shortage. Several gas vendors in Madison were without fuel . Now, local drivers should expect to pay more at the pump until the Colonial Pipeline is repaired and reopened.

Interim County Manager Mark Williams told the Morgan County Board of Commissioners on Tuesday to expect to see a “significant” hike in gas prices throughout the county, due to the Colonial Pipeline explosion.

“GEMA (Georgia Emergency Management Agency) is advising that fuel prices will be rising dramatically,” said Mark Williams.

“They have been in emergency response mode and they say the pipeline could be down for an extended period…They don’t want to give an exact timeline.”

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