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By Dianne Lively Yost

I’m gettin’ right homesick for the olden days. . . So homesick in fact, I wanna jump in a time machine and ride it all the way back to 1969 at Christmastime. We’d all be there with Momma and PawPaw, a cracklin’ fire in the fireplace, Christmas music  . . . “I’ll be home for Christmas, You can count on me . . . Please have snow and mistletoe and presents under the tree.”

Momma says I’m actin’ the fool and that we all had better be grateful for what we have this year! Ding dang it Momma you’re right! We have ‘bout the prettiest County in Georgia! Plus we have the absolute best Christmas Parade in the United States of America! That’s right y’all! The City of Madison is already plannin’ this year’s parade and as always it’s free! The theme: “I’ll Be Home For The Holiday – Honoring our Men and Women in Uniform.” It’s scheduled for Saturday, Dec. 10 from 4 p.m. until 5 p.m. Y’all check out the City of Madison’s website so you can download an entry form to be in it! The website is! Hey and don’t forget that followin’ the parade it’s Caroling By Candlelight in Town Park and it’s FREE! But that’s not all! They’re gonna have Santa and Mrs. Claus, hot chocolate and roasted marshmallows all for free! I flat can’t wait!

Hey if y’all haven’t already, you need to get over to Ping Wang’s Taste of China located at 1682 Eatonton Road in Madison next to Fancy Nails! Ok y’all I just went in there and met Ping Wang and honey she is a Master Chef extraordinaire! You’ve flat gotta try the spring rolls and the egg rolls are absolutely the BEST EVER! Plus Ping is famous for her homemade and hand rolled Lo Mein noodles! Ok so everybody says you’ve gotta try the General Tso’s Chicken, the Pan Fried Green Beans and the Mongolian Beef with Vegetables! Honey they also serve up a buffet during the weekdays Tuesday through Friday! You’ve gotta try this authentic Chinese food made by Ping, who’s from the Chinese City of Chongqing in the Szechuan Province! It is yummy!

Momma wants to know what the Sam Hill is goin’ on at Bell Point Park at the intersection of Park Street and East Avenue! Honey! That big ole buildin’ is flat being transformed into loft apartments! No that’s what I call cool! I’m talkin’ uptown cool!

Ding dang! If y’all hadn’t noticed, Burger King, located at 1959 Eatonton Road in Madison, is getting a makeover! I’m talkin’ they are nearly rebuildin’ that restaurant! But don’t worry, it will reopen in a few weeks!

Ok that’s it on a stick! I’ll see all ya’ll next week!

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