Superintendent shows $54 million school plans

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By Tia Lynn Ivey

managing editor

Superintendent James Woodard gave the Morgan County Foundation For Excellence  (MCFEPE) in Public Education an update on the STEAM Initiative currently being implemented throughout the school system last week at Ricardo’s in Madison.

“We want to give a big shout out and say thank you for helping us do this,” said Woodard. “We wanted to give you an update on what we have been able to make happen with STEAM, our building program, and a couple of ideas for future possibilities.”

STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Arts and Mathematics) is a program that helps students focus on these core subjects by utilizing communication, collaboration critical thinking, and creativity. The MCFEPE is a group of local community members aiming to financially support and enhance the educational programs of the public school in Morgan County.

MCFEPE Trustees include Elizabeth Bell, Chris Lambert, Tim Ligon, Stan DeJarnett, Debbie Tamplin, Alfred Murray, Emily Buck, Eula Colbert, Michelle Paschal, and Jennifer Stewart.

Woodard informed the group of the school’s progress since becoming a pilot-system for the STEAM Initiative, through a $620,000 grant awarded to the school system by Georgia Governor’s Office of Student Affairs last year. MCFEPE also provides grant support to the school system to further equip these programs. Both grants helped the school system buy state-of-the-art equipment to improve the science and technology programs.

Woodard explained how teachers are being trained in new ways to facilitate learning, specifically utilizing project-based learning with students. Last year, Woodard explained that “Teachers will be trained in project based learning in order that students are engaged in exciting STEAM activities.  These instructional strategies will help connect students to exciting career opportunities in STEAM related career fields. The advancement of STEAM programming in Morgan County Charter School System will help build a workforce pipeline of students interested in engineering, manufacturing, agriculture, and healthcare.”

Woodard also showed the crowd at Ricardo’s the building plans for the $54 million new school facilities that will create a consolidated campus that will house a new high school, new middle school, new College and Career Academy and a new Transportation Facility. Woodard noted that more teachers will receive more training in coming years, to learn new and innovative ways to teach students and ensure a higher quality education.

“We are really excited about the future of Morgan County schools,” said Woodard.

“We would not be able to do any of this without this community’s support.”

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