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By Dianne Lively Yost

Ommmmmm. Ommmmmm. Gosh! Talk ‘bout relaxed! I mean nothin’ is gonna get my goat today! That’s ‘cause Momma and I just did a yoga class with Elise Faust at The Yoga Co-Op, located across from Petals Salon on West Jefferson St.! Elise even sprinkled us all with drops of magic essential oils! Wait a minute . . . Momma! My ears feel funny . . . Like they’re pokin’ the sides of my head! What in the Sam Hill . . Oh. My. Gosh! My ears have grown five inches with sharp points! I’m a bona fied ELF! Momma! You’ve got Elf ears too! It must’ve been those magic essential oils combined with the Holiday Season! Ding dang! Well I reckon we’d better put on our red elf shoes and shop with our LOCAL advertisers!

That’s right y’all! Momma and I are all ‘bout shoppin’ local with our Morgan County Citizen and Lake Oconee Living advertisers!  Hey and y’all don’t forget to MARKET local with us too! We all need to support one another!

De ta dede De ta dede WE INTERRUPT THIS COLUMN FOR A  SPECIAL NEWS BULLITIN! Harry, the nine-foot, 100-pound Royal Guard recently stolen from the Madison Tea Room has been found! According to Kathi Russell, owner of the Madison Tea Room, City of Madison Police contacted Russell to tell her a man found Harry in a Greene County Kudzu patch. Russell’s reaction: “Harry is back in town!” It is unknown as of press time, the identity of the man who found Harry or if the man will receive the reward of $500! NOW BACK TO YOUR REGULARLY PROGRAMMED COLUMN.

And, honey Madison’s Main Street is flat gearin’ up to make it fun and easy to SHOP LOCAL with the Shop Small Saturday program on Nov. 26! Yes! It’s the Spend $26 on Nov. 26th! Right so when you spend $26 or more in a small local shop in Madison’s downtown district you’re eligible to fill out a form for a drawin’ to win one of two drawings for $100 Downtown Dollars!  Plus beginning Monday, Nov. 21 through Dec. 9, Main Street and 16 downtown business in Madison are offerin’ a Passport to the Holidays. Pick up a passport at a participating business and visit each business to fill up the passport! Passports will be collected and then a ding dang lucky person is gonna win $1,000 downtown dollars! Honey this is a no-brainer! The winner will be announced Saturday, Dec. 10 in Town Park!  I cannot wait ‘cause I’m takin’ Momma and all my kids to see first hand what these shops have that I need to buy for Christmas and hopefully we’ll get $1000 Downtown Dollars and get Rich, Rich, Rich, I say! Can’t wait!

And speakin’ of the Holidays, honey the most beautiful, lifestyle book EVER is out on stands this week! I’m talkin’ all ‘bout the beautiful Lake Oconee Living Holiday issue! It is to-die-for gorgeous! And the coolest part? Well, not only is it filled with fabulous stories and a holiday gift guide, but it’s stuffed with ads that represent local businesses from Morgan County, Lake Oconee, Athens, Covington and more! They are all small businesses from your region that need your support during the Christmas season!

Hey and speakin’ of our Fab Lake Oconee Living magazine on stands now, honey the cover photo is from our very own Zeb Grant’s house! Honey he is a genius designer period! And, now he’s right smack here in Madison! That’s right y’all! Le Petit Jardin is now Le Petit Jardin By Zeb Grant! Zeb has changed his Lake Oconee location to Le Petit Jardin By Zeb Grant too! So now he can take care of all of your wedding, event and floral needs! Pop into Le Petit Jardin this week and meet Zeb, check out the beautiful shop and buy something for Momma!

That’s it for the Buzz! Momma wants to head over to the Madison Tea Room to make sure Harry is ok! We’ll see all y’all next week!

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