Solar pitch falls flat at commissioners

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By Tia Lynn Ivey

managing editor

Morgan County government has been toying  with the idea of solar power for years. The process has proved more complicated than originally anticipated, with State rules and regulations on the subject changing a few times while the county was attempting to secure a solar energy deal.

The Morgan County Board of Commissioners (BOC) is currently deciding between three bids from solar energy companies that are offering a 20-year contract of service for the county. Representatives from the three solar energy companies, Solar Galaxy, Cherry Street, and Power Production Management. pitched their plans to the BOC at last Tuesday’s work session.

Commissioner Ellen Warren was not sold on any of three companies by the end of the presentations.

“The Devil is in the details,” said Warren.

“This is a new project for us, as you know. We have great expectations. We wanted more precise details…we need to know that before we jump into this.”

Warren requested each company to gather more information for the BOC selects a company to transition the county to a solar energy plan.

“We need more information about the maintenance and repair crew to really understand what we are getting into, said Warren.

The BOC will decide at a later date which company will best benefit the county in the areas of cost efficiency, quality, and superior service.

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