Grad rates narrow gap

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By Tia Lynn Ivey


High School graduation rates continue to improve in Morgan County, exceeding the state average with a nearly 88 percent graduation rate and achieving high rankings among surrounding high schools. “While we are proud that Morgan County continues to exceed the state average in the graduation rate; we are continuing to work hard by providing rigorous instruction and specialized student support to all of our subgroups in order to ensure that every student graduates,” said Assistant Superintendent Sarah Burbach.

Most impressively, Morgan County has dramatically narrowed the graduation gap between subgroups of students who previously lagged behind. African-American students are now graduating at nearly identical rates in Morgan County, whereas just two years ago, there was more than a 13 percent gap between white and black students.  “The gap between the graduation cohort rate between major subgroups at Morgan County High School continues to shrink as the difference between the rates of Black and White students is now only 0.6 percent as compared to 2014 when the gap between the two subgroups was 13.7 percent,” reported the State of Georgia graduation press release.

Economically-disadvantaged students have also made impressive strides in Morgan County over the last few years.

According to a report from Chip Meyer, the Assessment and Accountability Coordinator for the Morgan County Charter School System, “Morgan County ranked eighth among the 18 high schools within our RESA and fifth among the 13 high schools in surrounding counties.”

The State of Georgia released the graduation rate for the Class of 2016. According to the state report, “Morgan County achieved a rate of 87.8. This value was based on 209 graduates from a class size of 238. This graduation rate also includes students who successfully graduated during the summer after the ceremony in May. A graduation cohort is based on the year that a student was enrolled as a ninth-grader. The cohort includes all students who transfer in and out of a school over the course of four years. In the case of the Morgan County High School’s class of 2016, 301 students were considered to be a part of the cohort at some point over the past four years.”

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