May we never forget that Christmas is about giving

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I remember being a little boy riding around town in the truck with my granddaddy, looking at all the illuminating lights and Christmas decorations. We were on the way to Walmart, and as I was ready to show him what to tell Santa Claus I wanted for Christmas. I never really thought about giving Christmas gifts away but instead always getting them for myself, as any other little spoiled child. Now that I’m older, I realize people always seem to forget what Christmas is about: giving.

 Christmas has been so commercialized on TV and the internet that no one really understands that it’s more about giving than anything. Anyone can understand a child not wanting to give a gift because their young mind is focused on receiving gifts. It is presumable that people with jobs and individuals who are blessed with more materialistic wealth than others can give back to those in their community who are less fortunate. Christmas is when God gave us all His Beloved Son, so us giving something small to the unfortunate is only a pebble compared to a mountain.

Think about what the one gift you could be giving to someone in your town. Now that you have given that one gift, imagine if someone else gave another “one” gift to that same person and someone else gave a gift to that one person. That alone could make someone’s Christmas day all the best. In the end, they will have presents just like everyone else on Christmas morning. Those people might even feel the want to give something to someone even if it’s not much. Even if it’s a card they still gave something because they felt the love someone else showed them. Therefore, a “domino effect” will seemingly be showing everyone around us what Christmas is about: Being an example to follow, and motivating others to do the same in their own town. Many people already feel as if they can “make it.”

Then why can’t others make it the same way?

Deuteronomy 15:11 explains to you that “There will always be poor people in the land. Therefore I command you to be open-handed toward your fellow Israelite’s who are poor and needy in your land.” Think about this scripture when you believe everyone should be on the same level as you. There will always be needy and poor in the land, so let’s all hold out our open hand to give to them this Christmas season. Then, watch how it will be given back to you and extra for what you did for the ones you gave a blessing to. I just want to bring our town together as a whole to give to those who are less fortunate than us.

Justin Jones is an 18–year–old Morgan County resident. He works at Ingles.

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