Shoo Shoo in the Christmas tree

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Special to the Citizen

A grandchild is a beautiful gift from God.  They love you , don’t ask for much except your love, don’t argue with you and then they go home to their parents, as needed.  Bruce and I have been blessed with seven grandchildren , one for every year for seven consecutive years. Vivian, the oldest is 17 years ago.  Like a lot of grandparents , I have an ornament  with their sweet little faces framed in the Christmas ornament, one for each child, one for each grandchild. 

This year as I reach in my Christmas box, and I  rediscover each precious ornament, some made out of macaroni  or dried okra, a few hand blown and even an original Trish Jones,  the ornaments  that I  pause slowly and really reflect  on are the ones with the precious faces of all my babies.  

When I put Lucia ‘s ornament  in the tree, I had tears because she will spend her Christmas in a small French village. (I know, sounds magical, doesn’t it?)  I thought of all our Christmases and how she has made the last 15 a joy. I smiled and remembered how blessed we are that our Shoo Shoo (that’s what 12–month–old Vivi called her and it caught on)  is loved by a French family and how she is so very lucky to have parents who have allowed her to spend her 10th grade year studying in France .

Merry Christmas, precious Lucia, you are in my heart and in my Christmas Tree. Jesus is with us and in our hearts, in France and in Madison.  

Judy Gilbert

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