Lambert wit, personality quiets session

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By Patrick Yost


Typically, says Georgia House Representative Dave Belton (R. 112), when he goes to the well to make a special proclamation for a local citizen the chamber is raucous. Legislators continue to negotiate bills among themselves.

Typically, he says, nobody pays much attention.

But Madison’s Christine Lambert has never been called typical.

Rep. Belton presented a special proclamation for the Madison living legend on January 23 at the Georgia General Assembly and once Lambert started talking a rapt silence fell over the hall.

“We never listen,” says Belton of his fellow legislators. “In this case she stole the show.”

Lambert, the widow of former state senator and state representative E. Roy Lambert, a one–time majority leader in the Georgia House, briefly recalled hours she spent in Atlanta with her husband and pointed out current members that she knows.

“Roy Lambert loved this institution, and I do too. Thank you for having me here today and honoring me with this resolution. I appreciate your service to Georgia, and encourage you to make friends here, as I have, and use the strength of those friendships to connect good people to good ideas for the benefit of this great state,” she said from the speaker’s well.

The resolution notes Lambert’s active role in historic preservation in Madison and Morgan County and includes mention of her countless hours spent “…as a preservationist, volunteer, and philanthropist for countless humanities activities…”

Her daughter, Leigh Goff, was at the event and said her mother filled the chamber with her personality. “She seemed to capture the group,” Goff said. “I was very proud of her.”

Bolton, who is the first Morgan County resident to represent the county at the Georgia Legislature since E. Roy Lambert, said the moment was not lost on him. “Roy Lambert was a giant for our community whose shoes I will never be able to fill.”

“Mrs. Lambert has always worked for the good of our county just as hard as her husband.”

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