A Funky Little Art Thing

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By Tia Lynn Ivey

managing editor

About 800 people attended this year’s annual AFLAT (A Funky Little Art Thing) show at the Madison Morgan Cultural Center last Saturday. AFLAT, a art show featuring the work of Morgan County students, from grades K-12, showcased nearly 1500 pieces of student-created art.

“We had wall-to-wall art this year,” said Ty Manning, art teacher at Morgan County High School (MCHS). “This show is always a big deal to us and the kids and we had a great turn out this year, like we do every year.”

The school system has held an AFLAT show every year for over 15 years now.

“We have been doing this a long time, and it’s a great chance for the kids to show-off  what they’ve made.”

This year, two seniors were crowned AFLAT’s “Lady and Lord” for their submitted works of art. Nathan Behrendsen won for his colorful abstract painting and Isabella Scoggin won for her ink drawing layered on top of a collage made from book pages and newspapers.

“It’s honoring to win Lord of AFLAT again and to be a part of another great ArtDog tradition,” said Nathan. “M pieces are a vast part of me, my life, and experiences. I’m pleased that so many admired my work and ambitions.”

“It was a very special year for me to see them win,” said Manning, who has known both Nathan and Isabella since they were small children and has taught all of the their older siblings.

According to Manning, students look forward to AFLAT each year. Manning believes art is an integral part of a student’s education, helping students find their own voice while learning different perspectives.

Art really gets kids thinking for themselves,” said Manning. “The kids learn about themselves and the world. They learn there is usually more than one answer in life. They see things from a different perspective through art and it opens their eyes to a bigger world. It really enhances their critical thinking skills.”

This year, AFLAT incorporated music into the show with the Morgan County Middle School and High School choruses performing.

“It was another wonderful year to celebrate our visual arts,” said Manning.

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