Humane Society at capacity after dog rescue

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By Tia Lynn Ivey

managing editor

The Humane Society of Morgan County (HSMC) currently has no more room for dogs after taking in 16 rescues from an illegal puppy mill out of Washington County last week.

Over 40 dogs were taken from a large property in Washington County after one of the breeders died of cancer in December. The husband, a 76-year-old man, was overwhelmed and could no longer handle all the dogs and called for help. A local Department of Agriculture agent worked with the man to farm out the dogs to animal shelters across the state. That’s when the HSMC got the call. The HSMC took in two adult golden retrievers, three golden doodles, one standard poodle, and 11 Labrador retriever puppies ranging from six-weeks old to three-months-old.

“We have reached capacity for dogs for sure,” said Tim George, director of HSMC, who noted the facility currently is housing about 40 dogs, 14 of them being puppies. The facility is also housing nearly 20 felines. “We are hoping to find good homes for these dogs, to pair them with loving families.”

According to George, this latest batch of rescued dogs was kept in terrible conditions.

“They have wonderful personalities but they are scared to death,” said George. “Their whole life has been spent on concrete slabs with no access to grass or adequate care. They all needed to be shaved completely down because their hair was so matted. The conditions they were kept in were pretty gross.”

According to George, once neglected dogs like these are exposed to some grass and room to roam, along with some love and care from people, their spirits improve almost instantly.

“We have seen this before and almost as soon as they got on that grass, they become different dogs, full of life and happy,” said George.

“They are just craving affection,” said Courtney Bryson, a HSMC employee. “When you touch them, their whole body just caves into you.”

The HSMC is currently working on getting these rescues ready for adoption—completing their vaccinations, heartworm prevention, microchip installations, neutering and spaying.

“It takes a week or two, and then they will be ready to place in wonderful homes,” said George.

George is hoping more people from the community will apply to adopt as they are preparing to make room for “kitten season” in the coming weeks.

“We will definitely get slammed with kittens soon, as soon as any day now,” said George.

To see the animals available for adoption and to fill out an application, visit You can visit the facility in person. The HSMC is located at 1170 Fairground Road in Madison. You reach the HSMC at (706) 343-9977.

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