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Madison Police Department

On March 25 a theft by taking and financial card fraud complaint was filed at a South Main Street business. According to reports, a woman at the business said two black, heavy set females entered the business and inquired about purchasing two dolls. The business owner said the suspects asked if she could get a box for the dolls. The business owner said she went to the back of the store and retrieved a box. When she returned the women told the business owner they needed to go to an ATM machine and left. The business owner said the women never came back but she did start receiving calls from her bank warning her that her debit card was being used to make unusual purchases. The owner said that was when she realized that her wallet was missing from her purse. Reports state that an officer retrieved surveillance video of the same two women making more than $1,700 worth of purchases from Wal Mart using various cards and forms of payment. Most of the purchases, reports state, were for gift cards and pre-paid phone calls. Officers were also told that the same two suspects in a red Ford Focus attempted to make a purchase at Chick-Fil-A but that the card was rejected and the woman paid cash for the food and left. A Chick-Fil-A employee said there were five children in the vehicle and that the children were unsecured. The South Main Street business owner said she had more than $1,000 in cash in her wallet along with business checks.

On March 23 a forgery warrant was issued for Lastar Blackwell, 22, Monroe. According to reports, a woman contacted authorities regarding the possible forgery of her father’s name to secure funding for a vehicle. The woman said another woman, who police said is having a relationship with the victims grandson, came to a South Main Street auto dealership and secured funding for a Dodge Dart. The woman said she was contacted by a finance company who said that the vehicle, which is allegedly in Blackwell’s possession, was due for repossession. The complainant said her father had not agreed to finance the vehicle and, in fact, was not in a physical condition to sign any documents. Reports allege that Blackwell took the documents from the dealership unsigned and returned with signatures claiming that the complainant’s father had signed the documents. Officers were able to obtain a sample of the signature in question and reported that the original signature was “very different” from the one found on the financing documents.

On March 21 an information report was filed at the mile marker 113 section of Interstate 20. According to reports, an officer working a construction detail on the interstate observed a white pickup truck with a trailer drive through a wet patch of concrete on the interstate. The driver of the truck told the officer he was attempting to exit the interstate because of mechanical failure. A construction superintendent told the officer that if the state demanded that the section be replaced the cost of concrete would be $2,500.

On March 21 Joseph Daniel Frick, 39, Madison was arrested and charged with interfering with property of the city of Madison. According to reports, an officer stated that on March 20 he was informed by the city of Madison that Frick’s water account for his Pine Tree Circle residence had been cut off on March 7 due to lack of payment. Utility workers alleged that sometime after the service was cut off, the meter was turned back on and 700 gallons of water was consumed. A city worker on March 17 went back to the meter and turned the service off a second time and placed a lock on the meter. On March 20 the worker went back to Frick’s residence and found that the lock was missing and that the water meter had been turned back on and  500 gallons had been used. Frick allegedly agreed to come to the Madison Police Department to discuss the allegations but failed to meet a scheduled appointment with officers. Frick was located walking on Pine Tree Circle and was detained. Officers also were informed that Frick has an outstanding arrest warrant against him from Walton County.

Morgan County Sheriff’s Office

On March 26 a simple battery complaint was filed at a Holland Springs Road residence. According to reports, deputies arrived and were told by a man at the residence that he had not called authorities but his sister, who was not present, had in concern for his safety. The man said that his brother had been drinking all day and was “extremely intoxicated” and had, at some point, pushed him on two different occasions. Deputies were able to observe the brother sleeping on a bed in a bedroom with a locked door. The deputies, reports, state, knocked several times on the bedroom door but the man did not wake up.

On March 25 Jeffery Dean Waller, 32, College Park was arrested and charged with driving without license on person and DUI. According to reports, Waller was arrested during the operation of a roadblock at 11:20 p.m. on Eatonton Road. Reports allege that Waller told officers he did not have his driver’s license on his person during the stop. The deputy also said Waller could not follow instructions during a field sobriety test.

On March 25 a verbal altercation report was filed at a Newborn Road residence. According to reports, a man called deputies and said he was having problems with the mother of his children who lived in the home and had allegedly been drinking. The man said the woman drank during a party at the residence and was now yelling and cursing. The woman told deputies she was “an adult and no one was going to tell her not to drink.

On March 25 a juvenile complaint was filed at a Prospect Road residence. According to reports, a father said his 15-year-old son continued to act disrespectful, steal from relatives and attempt to start fights with the complainant. The father said the teen had also become aggressive towards fellow students and staff at the school he attends in Athens. The teen told an officer that he “cannot do any better” and that he was taking the items from family members “because he is entitled to anything they have.”  The teen told the deputy he wanted to change his life but that the “poor quality” of life he had prior to moving to Morgan County was a hindrance.

On March 23 a battery complaint was filed at a Deerwood Drive residence. According to reports, a deputy responded to Morgan Memorial Hospital where he observed a 64–year–old woman lying in a hospital bed with an injured hand. The woman said earlier she and her son had engaged in an argument regarding the 38–year–old son losing his job and his son had slammed the door to his bedroom on the woman’s hand. The woman reiterated that the incident was an accident and that she did not want o press charges against the son.

On March 22 an unruly child complaint was filed at a Fears Road residence. According to reports, a grandmother alleged that her 14–year–old granddaughter was having sexual relations with an 18–year–old man who, reports, state, was living in  the same house as the granddaughter. Reports allege that deputies spoke with the father of the 14–year–old who told them he did not know about the sexual allegations but that the daughter was “a very unruly child” and that he wanted to do something about her behavior. He also said another man had been arrested for alleged sexual relations with the juvenile. The grandmother alleged that the juvenile tells men that she is actually 18–years–old.

On March 21 a tearing down mailboxes and criminal trespass complaint was filed at a Chilton Woods Road residence. According to reports, a man said sometime between 5 p.m. and 8:30 a.m. someone knocked his mailbox off the post. Two other mailboxes on Chilton Woods Road were damaged and a lock had been removed from a shed on Nunnally Street.

On March 21 a burglary complaint was filed at a Cochran Road residence. According to reports, a man said someone had entered a metal shed on his property. A deputy noted that nothing was reported missing and that it appeared that someone was looking for a particular item in the shed.

On March 21 a forgery complaint was filed at a Doster Road residence. According to reports, a woman said someone had cashed 12 counterfeit checks based on her account information. The woman said she was contacted by bank officials because, in part, the cashed checks had different fonts, misspelled words and other clues that the checks had been manufactured.

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