What happened? Spring has sprung!

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Spring has ding dang Sprung! And, you know what that means! Porch party at Momma’s! What the? Who’s that on Momma’s porch? It’s none other than Reba McEntire with her guitar! Now all we need is a mason jar of Momma’s original White Lightenin’ and honey we’ll have a big time party! Come on over y’all!

That’s right! Spring is all about the Party and the biggest Spring-time party is flat comin’ up fast! I’m talkin’ all ‘bout Derby Day, hosted by the Morgan County Conservancy! Honey it all goes down the first Saturday of May and that’s May 6 at the magnificent, historic home of Lyn and Whitey Hunt! Ok so if you’re goin’ to this shin-dig or celebratin’ the Kentucky Derby at home you had best look the part! I’m talkin’ all ‘bout hats! And, y’all will flip your lid when you see the colorful, different styles of hats and fascinators at Madison Square Collection located at 133 South Main in downtown Madison! I popped in there this week to try on a few! Ding dang, honey these hats make Queen Elizabeth look downtrodden! They are sooo much fun! But, they are goin’ fast so get over there immediately and you’ll be the belle of the ball!

And, if y’all are wonderin’ what’s in this Spring look no further than Amelia’s located at 172 South Main in downtown Madison! Owner Kim Jensen says bright colors rule! Plus she says exposed hem jeans, leggings or skinny jeans with the roll-up cuff are the hit of the season! Oh and also “in” are print bottoms paired with solid tops, and geometric print and floral dresses will be huge this spring! So what in the Sam Hill are you waitin’ on! Get over there and get yourself springed up! It’s so much fun to shop local! Oh and don’t forget to pop in next door at Barkin’ Dogs Shoe Co. for some cool spring kicks! I flat love the wedges this year!

Ruff Ruff-Ruff! What is it Petey the Poodle? Grrrrrrrrr! Well dang Scout! Oh My Gosh! Petey and Scout want me to remind all y’all to come out Saturday, April 1 to Bill Wood Park for the annual Bark For Life event hosted by the Humane Society of Morgan County! Ok so Beth Bradley has done a fantastic job organizin’ this event, which starts Saturday mornin’ at 11 a.m. and goes until 3 p.m.! There will be tons of booths set up and lots of activities for kids and dogs! And, a fab dog contest! Yes! Bring your family and bring your ding dang dog! It’s only $20 to register you and doggy and you’ll get tons of great goodies! Get out there y’all!

Oh and y’all don’t forget! The Humane Society of Morgan County is also hostin’ a yummy, fun Low Country Boil party on April 8 beginnin’ at 6 p.m. with good food, live music and Morgan County’s first-ever Corn Hole Tournament! Ding dang! Start practicin’ y’all! Tickets are only $50 and all proceeds benefit the Humane Society which I’m sure all y’all know just took in a lot of beautiful dogs that were rescued from a puppy mill! Please help support this wonderful Morgan County organization that’s saving lives! Call 706-343-9977 for tickets!

Ok that’s the Buzz on Biz this week! Y’all be sweet, tell Reba Happy Birthday and I’ll see all y’all next week!

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