Heroin charges filed

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By Patrick Yost


A Macon man found asleep in his vehicle at a gas station has been charged with possession of heroin.

Matthew Cody Spradlin, 24, was arrested on Wednesday, March 29 after a Madison Police Department officer observed a 2003 Ford F 150 pickup truck sitting at the gas pumps at 5 a.m. at the BP Gas station.

The officer woke Spradlin, reports state, and requested that he exit the vehicle. When he did, reports state, an orange cap and syringe fell from Spradlin’s lap onto the ground. The officer directed Spradlin to the front of his patrol car and noted that Spradlin allegedly “had a difficult time keeping his balance” and that his eyes “appeared to be extremely sleepy…”

The officer searched the truck and allegedly found 25 mg of suspected heroin in the console. Reports state that the officer observed “due to the amount of needle marks on both arms and hands… it was apparent he was a consistent drug user.”

Reports state that Spradlin was transported to Morgan Memorial Hospital for a blood test but the first medical technician could not draw a blood sample because Spradlin’s veins had collapsed and because his hands and arms were swollen. A second technician was able to draw a small amount of blood from Spradlin’s arm, reports state.

Spradlin allegedly told the officer that he had a two–year drug habit.

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