Man says he was stabbed at park

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By Patrick Yost


A Cleveland, Ohio man in Madison visiting his girlfriend told police at Morgan Memorial Hospital that he had been stabbed with a pair of scissors, possibly at Wellington Park.

According to Madison Police Department reports, the 21–year–old man said that last Thursday, March 30 at approximately 6 p.m. while he was driving around Madison he noticed a group of people playing basketball with woods around the court, he told officers.

The victim said the large group of young adults “seemed cool” and he joined the game. The man said at some point during the game he engaged in an argument with some of the players. During the argument, he claimed, several people “rushed” him and someone stabbed him in the left arm

Reports state that the man told officers he fled the scene and received a ride to the hospital.

Reports also state that the complainant was “uncooperative in answering questions and showed several signs of deception including inconsistencies with his story.”

Two officers went to Wellington Park to try and locate potential witnesses to the incident but had no success.

Reports state the the wound was “a minor puncture wound.”

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