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Get your business face on people! I mean we’ve flat gotta talk shop . . . as in . . . wait for it . . . wait for it . . . SHOPPING! You guessed it right! Y’all are on the ball! Ok so this Biz Buzz column has got to spice it up with a brand spankin’ new component and it’s called: Best Biz Buzz Buys! And honey Biz Buzz has a heap of cool retail things from Morgan County and around Lake Oconee!

Drum roll please . . . . . Ok! This week’s Best Biz Buzz Buys are:

Biz Buzz Buy No. 1 is the fab and hippy Himalayan Salt Lamps at Pure Bliss Spa, owned by Madisonian Julie Speyer! They are far out y’all!  Plus they’re magic! I mean they remove all negative vibes from your space make it nice, friendly and positive! Be warned: Cats really love these lamps! I love, love, love the one I just purchased from Pure Bliss!  It sits smack dab in my livin’ room just chillin’ with cheerful happiness! Go get one immediately! They are priced between $20! Pure Bliss is located at 131 West Jefferson St., in downtown Madison. Tell em Biz Buzz sent ya!

Biz Buzz Buy No. 2 are the fab Macho ferns at The Ripe Thing in downtown Greensboro! Oh. My. Ever. Livin’. Gosh! These ferns are the hippest hangin’ porch plant in all of creation! I bought two for my porch and they are the most beautiful ferns I have ever had in my entire life! I kid you not! Do The Ripe Thing and go get you some of these beautiful ferns today! The Ripe Thing is located at 112 West Broad Street in Greensboro and the Macho ferns are $20ish per fern! Tell Ed that the Citizen’s Biz Buzz in Madison sent you!

Biz Buzz Buy No. 3 are the fabulous and beautiful indoor/outdoor pillows at BB&G located at 115 South Main Street in Madison! I cannot tell you how much I love these! I already have four that I purchased a while back at the now-closed LilyBeth’s in Rutledge. Anyhow, BB&G owner Theresa Bishop picked up this pillow line and has a huge selection! I just bought two for my porch rockers! What I absolutely adore about these pillows are the gorgeous watercolor designs of nature and floral settings.  My two new fab pillows feature a beautiful water color design of a Blue Heron! He looks just like the one at the meadow at Valley Farm! I flat love them. The best part is that you can unzip the pillow covers and give em a quick wash so that they always look brand new! These pillows are priced around $40! What are you waitin’ for! Go buy you some!

Ding dang I flat near forgot! Barkin’ Dogs Shoe Co., located at 172 South Main Street in downtown Madison has a ton of fabulous shoes! Here are three of my favorite words: THEY ARE ON SALE! Ok y’all I just bought a killer Fly London wedge in green!  Whaaaa!

Shoot fire! The trunk of Pawpaw’s Lincoln is flat full of shoppin’ bags! I have got to glide home in my Lincoln’s with its new set of super tires from John Moore’s Madison Car Care located at 1040 Confederate Road in Madison!

Before I go, y’all don’t forget Madison Fest this Saturday, April 22 at Town Park! Momma and I will be in a booth and givin’ super-duper deals on subscriptions to the Morgan County Citizen and Lake Oconee Living Magazine! I’m thinkin’ HALF PRICE! Ding dang! Re-up your subscription or get a new one at Madison Fest at Town Park! Plus you’ll find all kinds of plants, crafts, pottery and more! I’m talking’ knitting! Yes! City of Madison planner Molly Bogle is even offering two beginning knitting workshops during Madison Fest! The workshops are two-hour sessions and cost $20, which includes all supplies, such as Alpaca yarn from Mystic Mountain Farms! Somebody knit me a spring scarf! Please call Molly at the City of Madison at 706-342-1215 extension 224 or email her at to register!

Oh and before I go y’all need to know that fabulous Farmview Market located at 2610 Eatonton Road in Madison now has fresh, local milk and cheese from Rock House Creamery! Ok so this milk and cheese comes from Rock House Farm in Leesburg, Ga., owned by Keith Kelly who also owns and operates Farmview Market with his family! I cannot wait for fresh dairy products!!

MOOOOVE over there immediately and don’t forget that the Farmers Market at Farmview starts Saturday, April 29!  I’ll see you there for sure!

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