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Madison Police Department

On April 12 Joycelyn Alqinette Scott, 26, Eatonton was arrested and charged with simple battery and operating a vehicle with cancelled registration. Samara Barnes, 20, Eatonton was arrested charged with disorderly conduct. Ti–Asia Hill, 21, Madison was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct. According to reports,The three women and a 16–year–old female juvenile went to a room at the Budget Inn of Scott’s former boyfriend. At 2 p.m. officers received a complaint call alleging four females were beating a single female at the Budget Inn. While enroute they were told that the group of women had left the motel in a gray Honda. That vehicle with Scott, Barnes, Hill and the juvenile was stopped on U.S. 441 near Rite Aid. Reports state that Scott told an officer that the group went to the motel in an attempt to get cooperation from her former boyfriend regarding getting some items out of storage. While at the motel, reports state, Scott said her former boyfriend’s new girlfriend “got mouthy”  and swung at Scott. Officers noted that Scott had red places on her face indicative of combat. Officers were also told the woman back at the motel had a sizable knot on her head from the beating. The three were then arrested, the juvenile was released at the scene.

On April 5 John Chamber Pharr, 24, Buckhead was arrested and charged with two counts illegal possession of controlled substances and one count possession of marijuana. According to reports, officers were called to Wal Mart, Eatonton Road at 4:55 p.m. regarding and  unresponsive person. When a deputy arrived they were directed by bystanders to an aisle in the parking lot. A unidentified woman approached an officer and stated that “the man we were looking for had drugs on him.”  Pharr was located a short distance from his vehicle and was directed to an ambulance to be examined. Officers then allegedly found several hypodermic needles, a bent spoon and a blue bag containing suspected heroin. More needles and another spoon were allegedly found in the man’s vehicle. A green pill bottle containing suspected marijuana was also found in the vehicle along with another bag of suspected heroin, a glass pipe, a plastic bag containing two white pills and in the center console a bottle of pills prescribed to Pharr and a second bottle of controlled substances prescribed to a woman. A dog was also located in the vehicle. Pharr requested that his mother be called to retrieve the dog.

On April 12 a simple assault complaint was filed at  the Morgan County Courthouse. According to reports, a man alleged that while he and his attorney were conferring regarding a criminal charge against the complainant, his attorney began to argue with him and, he alleged, used derogatory racial terms against his client. The complainant said he told the attorney he no longer wanted him  to represent him and that the attorney continued to insult him including not allowing him to get in his car and pushing him. The attorney had left the scene and was enroute to his Cordell office, allegedly, when an officer arrived.

On April 11 a theft by taking complaint was filed at Waffle House, Eatonton Road. According to reports, an employee alleged that a man entered the restaurant and took $260 from the cash register when no employee was looking. The suspect is described as a white male, no facial hair, 6’, 300 pounds wearing a dark ball cap, gray t–shirt with the word “Network till ya neck hurt,” dark shorts with sandals and socks.

On April 9 a theft by taking complaint was filed at McDonald’s, Eatonton Road. According to reports, a woman stated that someone had broken into a maintenance shed at the restaurant and removed a TroyBilt pressure washer. A lock on the shed had been pried off, reports state.

On April 16 Egypt Lumpkin, 17, Madison was arrested and charged with interference with a business. According to reports, Lumpkin allegedly threw a cup of soda behind a counter at an employee. A manager stated that Lumpkin allegedly missed her intended target and instead the cup struck another employee near the fryer section of the restaurant.

On April 16 Ricky Lane Fitch, 45, Madison was arrested and charged with shoplifting. According to reports, officers were called to the Sunflower Food Store, Eatonton Road regarding a shoplifting. While en route, reports state, a woman at the store identified Fitch as the alleged shoplifter. An officer arrived and observed Fitch behind the store drinking a drink. Fitch then left the area but was later found in the passenger seat of a truck parked at the Happy China restaurant. A man at the store alleged that Fitch took a 24 ounce Bud Ice beer even after the man told him to put the item back. During his arrest, reports state, an officer noted that Fitch had another arrest warrant outstanding for shoplifting from Flash Foods and also had a probation violation arrest warrant active against him.

On April 16 a runaway juvenile complaint was filed at a Ward Road residence. According to reports, a woman reported that her granddaughter had  left the residence with three males. The woman said the granddaughter had left before and last time was found in a drug house in Monroe. Later that day the girl was located, allegedly at a Wal Mart in Snellville.

On April 10 a theft by taking complaint was filed at a Hanover Drive residence. According to reports, a woman said she noticed that a chair had been pushed up against her bedroom window and that a screen over the window was missing.

The woman said later that night she received a call from her bank asking her if she was using her debit card. The woman said she told the bank no and the bank said the card was attempting to be used at the Madison Wal Mart. The account was then closed, reports state, and the woman then learned that someone had used the card to make several on–line purchases. The woman confronted her 19–year–old granddaughter and was able to retrieve her debit card.

Morgan County Sheriff’s Office

On April 16 a shots fired report was filed at a Price Mill Road location. According to reports, a deputy responded to the call and a man said three men in a black Ford pickup truck were attending a party. The host said he was unfamiliar with the men. He said he asked the three men to leave they became irate. He said after they left they drove by the residence twice and the second time the man said he heard five or six shots fired from a handgun. The man later said the truck appeared to be a 2000s model Ford F 250 extended cab pickup truck that was burgundy in color.

On April 16 Miquan Xavier Fenwick, 17, Madison was arrested and charged with speeding, possession of marijuana less than an ounce, possession of a schedule II narcotics and drugs not kept in their original container. According to reports, Fenwick was stopped at 2:17 a.m. on Interstate 20 for allegedly driving 89 mph in a 70 mph zone. Consequent to the stop, reports state, an officer allegedly smelled marijuana and observed marijuana in the vehicle. A search of the vehicle found a pickle jar with suspected marijuana inside and nine pills of suspected morphine in the same jar.

On April 16 a assault complaint was filed at the Rutledge City Park, Rutledge. According to reports, a man said as he was transferring the custody of his 12–year–old son to the boy’s mother, the couple engaged in a verbal argument after the man told the mother that earlier he had to discipline his son. The man said the juvenile had “bowed up” against him and he pushed the son. The woman later met with deputies and requested that the man not have visitation privileges with the son.

On April 10 a civil matter report was filed at a Athens Highway residence. According to reports, a woman said she was working with a company called “USA Live Tech” to get internet service for her home. The woman said she agreed to pay the company $915.50. On April 11 the woman said she was contacted by her bank to tell her an account was overdrawn. The woman said she checked and realized that someone had moved $880 from an account under the memo name of “USA Live Tech” and then another $915.50 had been taken from the account for “USA Live Tech.”

On April 14 a simple battery complaint was filed at a Whitley Lake Road residence. According to reports, a woman alleged that another woman arrived at her residence, exited her vehicle, pushed the complainant to the ground and hit her repeatedly in front of her children. The complainant alleged that another woman said the attack came, in part, because the complainant had allegedly been “talking about her and her kids.” A friend of both women added that part of the impetus for the confrontation was that the complainant had also allegedly talked about the suspect’s children piglets.

On April 14 a burglary complaint was filed at a Blue Springs Court residence. According to reports, a man said for the second time someone attempted to enter his residence by attempting to pry open a door with a screwdriver. The complainant said a similar burglary effort had occurred at a neighbor’s house, too.

On April 14 Claude Franklin Hawk, 49, Rutledge was arrested and charged with possession of methamphetamine, possession of drug related items, failure to maintain insurance and cracked windshield. According to reports, Hawk was stopped near the intersection of Fairplay Street and East Main Street. Consequent to the stop, Hawk allegedly gave officers consent to search the truck. Reports state that a deputy allegedly found a white plastic container with methamphetamine crystals inside and a pipe stuffed in two socks behind the seat of the truck.

On April 14 a theft by taking complaint was filed at a Parks Mill Road residence. According to reports, a man said that in January someone entered his property and removed a commercial welder. The man said in April two employees abruptly quit and that one of the employees turned in a company cell phone. The man said he reviewed the cell phone and noticed text messages from the former employee to the employee;s wife and also text messages from the former employee to another woman. The man said he informed the former employee’s wife of the text messages to the second woman and that the couple is now in the process of getting a divorce. During this process, the former wife allegedly stated that the welder was on the property of one of the former employees.

On April 11 a theft by taking complaint was filed at a Fears Road residence. According to reports, a man alleged that someone entered his mailbox and removed an over–the–counter medication. The man valued the medicine at $60.

On April 11 an animal cruelty complaint was filed at a Cedar Creek Road residence. According to reports, a woman said she had taken a horse to a Jackson County location for barrel racing competition. The woman said she was with the horse most of the day but left the horse unattended for approximately 10 minutes. The woman said when she returned, the horse shied away from her and when she attempted to trailer the horse the horse acted scared and his gait was impaired. The woman said after she returned home with the horse she noticed extensive swelling toward the left rear rib area and she recognized, based on her experience, that the horse had suffered broken ribs.

The woman said she suspects a man who had called two weeks earlier asking if his son could ride the horse in the competition. The woman said she refused. She said the same man parked next to her trailer at the competition and that the man is noted for a hot temperament and abusive behavior. A veterinarian confirmed that the horse had suffered three or four broken ribs and that the ribs were broken in a “diagonal linear line” which made the complainant believe the horse may have been struck with a metal pipe. The veterinarian also said that the horse suffered from liver and spleen damage.

On April 11 a fraud complaint was filed at a Speed Lane residence. According to reports, a woman alleged that a weight loss supplement company had debited her account $101.83 for 60 pills. The woman said she researched the USPS tracking information and found that the pills had been shipped to a Santa Monica, Ca. address.

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