Soccer, tennis, baseball all champs

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Robert Alan Richardson

sports editor

What a historic week it has been for the Morgan County High School Bulldogs sports programs.  By Thursday afternoon, the school had grabbed not one, not two, but three Region 8-AAA Championships in three days.  Two of them were celebrated on the same night.  In talking to the greybeards of the MCHS historical society, no one remembers a time over the past 40 years that this has been accomplished.

Tuesday night saw the baseball team take their trophy in three innings by soundly defeating East Jackson 15-0.  The boys’ soccer squad also took down East Jackson 2-1 for their first soccer championship in school history.  Two days later Morgan’s girls’ tennis team won their banner by defeating East Jackson in the finals 3-2 (It was not a good week for East Jackson).   Home field advantage in all three events made the wins even sweeter and the icing on the cake was that both baseball and soccer were celebrating senior night.  Folks, you couldn’t have scripted it any better.

Athletic Director Doug Connelly bragged on the teams and coaches with these words, “It really is historical.  I’m proud of the athletes and coaches on these accomplishments.  No matter what happens from here, they will always be champions.  No one can ever take that away from them.  However, we are hoping for big things in the next few weeks.  I believe they all can go well into the playoffs.” 

The coaches were asked their feelings of taking home the bacon.  Tennis Coach Stacy Dearing said,

“It feels great!!!  I’m honored to coach such an incredible group of young women and men.”  Soccer Coach Aaron Paul followed that up with, “This team has fought extremely hard to accomplish our goal of winning a Region Title. It was the first one for our program in the history of our school.”  Merritt Ainslie added, “The team deserves this with all the hard work they’ve put in.  It’s a good reward for them.”  These three young coaches have only six years of head coaching experience combined with Paul being the veteran of the group with three. 

Winning comes with a price.  It’s paid in hard work that requires sweat equity that starts as soon as the previous season ends.  All three of these teams have paid their dues and have shown us what grit, determination, resolve, and belief in your teammates can bring.  Even with all of this, it also requires great coaching.  We are fortunate to have these three coaches at the helm to bring MCHS and these kids to a championship level.

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