Rutledge City Council considers film policy

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By Elizabeth Lanier

staff writer

The Rutledge City Council discussed problems with recent film projects in the city at the last regular meeting on Tuesday, April 18.  The council is considering adopting a film policy to ensure future film projects follow protocol and orchestrate the timing and location of filming in advance with the city.

Mayor Spencer Knight explained a problem from a few weeks prior regarding the film industry and Rutledge. According to Spencer, the film crew did not get permission from City Hall to close down a city street and caused inconveniences to residents. This situation caused the council to propose some future rules when it comes to filming in the town.

Council member, Tim Smith, provided a copy of Covington’s guidelines to review. In the future, film crews will have to come before the council before a film project can commence.

Another topic addressed were the fire ant mounds in the park. The council decided that they will spray for earlier to fix this issue.

Molly Lesnikowski spoke about the annual yard sale coming up on Saturday, April 29, put on by the recreation department. Another upcoming event is the 34th annual country fair on Memorial Day weekend, which is May 27, hosted by the Beautification Committee. Lesnikowski proposed the idea of installing a fountain at Playfair Park, and the council is working to make that proposal a reality. The fountain will use recycled water. Another exciting project discussed was the Garden Club’s collaboration with the University of Georgia’s Art Department to turn Dr. William Burnet’s grey wall on East Main Street into a mural. The mural will honor both current American soldiers and retired veterans. Due to an absence at the meeting, the budget was not discussed. The council is rescheduling a time for this to take place.

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