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Madison Police Department

On May 5 a theft by taking warrant was filed against Jared Lamar Hancock, 25, Hiawassee, Ga. According to reports, Hancock was terminated from a company called Mach 1 for allegedly using company credit cards for personal items. Hancock was terminated on April 26 and was told to return all company items, including a cell phone, a GPad, hard hats and equipment keys. Reports state that the company alleges that Hancock has yet to return all the items even though he has communicated with the company that he has sent some of the items via FedEx.

On May 4 a criminal trespass complaint was filed at a North Main Street residence. According to reports, a woman said that she observed a silver Honda Pilot strike her mailbox and continue without stopping. The woman said the next day she also noticed that a neighbor’s mailbox was damaged.

On May 6 Hendrick Tyrone Reynolds, 41, Madison was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct. According to reports, officers responded to a complaint call at the Budget Inn, Eatonton Road regarding a man and woman in a screaming match. When officers arrived, reports state, a woman told them that she and Reynolds had been sitting in a car and Reynolds had requested $20 from the woman to facilitate a methamphetamine purchase. The woman said she refused the request and told officers that Reynolds then allegedly struck her in the face with an open hand. Both the woman and Reynolds were issued criminal trespass warnings to stay off the property of the Budget Inn and Reynolds was arrested.

On May 7 a forgery warrant was issued against Khalil Dewyne Johnson, 23, Covington and Curtis Quintet Weaver, 22, Atlanta. According to reports, Johnson and Weaver entered an Eatonton Road convenience store and Johnson presented an alleged pay check to the clerk and requested that the clerk cash the $234.87 check. The clerk requested that Johnson write his driver’s license number on the back of the check. The driver’s license number presented was one number off from Johnsons’ actual driver’s license number. The clerk cashed the check and on a check presented by Weaver the clerk copied his driver’s license number onto the check and when Weaver signed the check he changed a zero on the driver’s license number to an eight. The clerk then attempted to call the bank regarding the check and both men then left the store. The clerk then check with Burger King who said they had no one working under Johnson’s or Weaver’s name and that the company had never had an account  with the bank the checks were written on.

On May 4 an aggravated assault complaint was filed at a Micha Way residence. According to reports, a woman alleged that a juvenile male had struck her juvenile daughter with a baseball bat. The female juvenile had an abrasion on a knee but was mobile, reports state. The juvenile male alleged that the juvenile female had initiated an argument with his sister on the school bus on the way home and then after they were dropped off, the juvenile female allegedly baited the male’s sister into coming outside where a fight was going to ensue. The male told officers he walked outside with the bat in order to provide protection from his sister and when the juvenile female attempted to engage the sister in a fight he struck her on the knee with the bat. The male was transported to the Sandersville Youth Detention Center. On May 2 the same two families had issues when several juveniles engaged in a fight. Consequent to the fight, one father called police. After police arrived and left, the complainant said someone shattered his son’s bedroom window with a brick. Following that, the father of the other feuding family reported that someone had shattered his kitchen window with an unknown object.

On April 30 Marvine Lane Benford, 57, Madison was arrested and charged with DUI and following too closely. According to reports, an officer was dispatched to a two vehicle wreck at the intersection of U.S. 441 and Interstate 20 at 9 p.m. At the incident location, reports state, the officer noted that Benford continued to turn his head away when he was speaking to the officer. The officer purposefully closed in on Benford and reported smelling alcohol. The officer noted that Benford allegedly failed several sobriety tests and after his arrest and after he moved away from a dash board camera he feigned police abuse. An nearly empty bottle of Gin was located in a cooler in Benford’s vehicle, reports state.

On May 1 a theft by taking complaint was filed at a Penor Street residence. According to reports, a man said that after he and another man had spent mutual time together watching television, the guest left his residence. The complainant said he then noticed that he was missing a $25 scratch off lottery ticket that was a winner for a free ticket and he was missing a scratch off lottery ticket that  was a $5 winner. The man said he is out $30 from the thefts and alleges that the man watching television took the tickets.

On April 28 an information report was filed at a Hunters Street residence. According to reports, a man said he located a grey IPad in his front yard as he was picking up trash. The device was taken by an officer, who checked on the serial number and noted that the device had not yet been reported stolen.

Morgan County Sheriff’s Office

On May 7 a theft by taking complaint was filed at Hard Labor Creek State Park. According to reports, a man said that after he entered a shower stall to take a shower, someone removed his wallet and a Parker Frost pocket knife from his pants pocket. The complainant said the wallet contained a debit card, credit card, Social Security card, $60 and a driver’s license. A day later, the complainant contacted authorities and reported that he had, in fact, found the missing items on a top shelf inside his camper.

On May 7 a criminal trespass complaint was filed on property off U.S. 441 north near the Oconee County line. According to reports, a property owner contacted the sheriff’s office to complain that two vehicles were parked on his property. When a deputy arrived he ran the tags from both vehicles and learned that both were legally registered and licensed. The property owner asked the deputy if he was going to tow the vehicles and the deputy declined to tow the vehicles. Eventually, a male and female came to the vehicles. The deputy requested and received identification from both. The property owner said he had prosecuted others for trespassing on the property in the past. The deputy asked the couple where they had been and they said they had visited a rope swing on the river. The deputy issued criminal trespass warnings for both the man and women and released them.

On May 5 an information report was filed at Crossroads School, Bethany Road. According to reports, an administrator at the school said he located a small bag of suspected marijuana in the bathroom at the school. The administrator and a deputy interviewed two male students regarding the suspected marijuana. One student allegedly admitted to bringing the suspected marijuana to the school and then became worried about getting caught and gave the marijuana to the second student to hide in the bathroom.

On May 4 a criminal trespass complaint was filed at the Golden Pond convenience store. According to reports, a deputy arrived at the store and observed that an employee had locked himself and a 27–year–old male and 25–year–old female inside the store. The employee accused the male of attempting to steal a pack of Sweetarts. The employee said he did not want to prosecute the male but that he did want him to pay for the Sweetarts and have both the male and female banned from the store. The female paid for the Sweetarts and both were issued criminal trespass warnings. The Sweetarts are valued at $2.

On May 4 an interference with government property complaint was filed at the Playfair Park, Rutledge. According to reports, a Rutledge city employee reported that a 12–year–old male had taken a large stick and damaged a security camera in the park. Reports state that the city had video evidence of the juvenile moments before the video camera captured him picking up a stick and striking the camera three times. The juvenile’s mother was contacted and was given the option to reimburse the city for $200 for the cost of the camera or let the city take the matter to civil court. A deputy also, at the juvenile’s mother’s request, explained to the juvenile the ramifications of poor sections.

On May 4 a battery complaint was filed at a Apalachee Woods Trail, Buckhead residence. According to reports, an investigator initiated an investigation into an alleged assault that occurred in Morgan County in November, 2016.

On May 4 a domestic violence complaint was filed at a Jackson Street residence. According to reports, a man reported that his estranged wife came to his residence and engaged in a verbal argument with the man and his girlfriend. The complainant said the wife allegedly threatened the woman by stating “I’ll be back and I’m gonna get you.” The man said he believes his estranged wife lives “somewhere in Greensboro.”

On May 4 a simple battery complaint was filed at Morgan County Elementary School after an officer reported that a parent requested an investigation into a teacher allegedly striking her 10–year–old son in the face.

On May 4 Randy Antarney Hicks, 52, Decatur was arrested and charge with DUI and open container. According to reports, a deputy responded to a stalled vehicle on Interstate 20 and when he arrived he allegedly observed Hicks sitting in the front passenger seat, drinking a 25 ounce Bud Ice beer. A woman was sitting in the back passenger seat. The deputy reported that Hicks told him the vehicle had malfunctioned and stopped running and that he did not know how he and the woman had been transported to Morgan County without a driver for the vehicle. The deputy recovered a full Bud Ice beer in the back seat and an empty Remy Martiin liquor bottle.

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